Printed barcode marked cards blackjack shoe

printed barcode marked deck camera in blackjack shoe
printed barcode marked deck camera in blackjack shoe baccrat blackjack shoe for special marking cards

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Items:Camera for barcode marked decks

Product Name:Blackjack Shoe Camera
Available Color:Red & Blue & Transparent
Application:Poker Tricks, Casino Poker Games, Family Gathering & Magical Shows
Delivery Time:3-5 Working Days
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If you want to see more than ten cards at one time, this translucent blackjack shoe for handmade barcode playing cards is a good choice for you.

This translucent blackjack shoe scanner is used with a special kind barcode juice cards. The barcode markings on playing cards are invisible as well, but you need to figure out the cards points by the different lengths of the barcode.

Signals transmitter is built next to the tiny poker camera, and it will send the monitor images to a signal receiver once you press the button of its remote control. And you will see the image, the numbers of whole deck playing cards from a monitor, such as your laptop.

And the other standing feature of this casino poker camera blackjack is it can exchange the next playing cards to deal. And you even holding the cards and deal it until you want it.

This translucent barcode cards blackjack shoe is convenient to use.

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