Red Piatnik OPTI invisible ink cards

Invisible ink marks on Piatnik OPTI red poker cards
Invisible ink marks on Piatnik OPTI red poker cards piatnik poti poker marked playing red cards

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Items:Piatnik marked playing cards

Marking:Back / Side
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show, Home Playing
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Marked cards contact lenses and marked poker deck is the combination that makes chances happened. When playing poker games, those who using marked cards and contact lenses will have more chance to win games, and those never know marked cards will always lose the games.

Piatnik brand is made in Austria and OPTI red deck is one kind of Piatnik poker cards, each Piatnik OPTI red deck contains 52 cards, it is also a kind of playing cards with poker size jumbo index. Piatnik OPTI marked red cards are the cards marked with invisible ink on the back, and those marks we made can be seen only when wearing our infrared contact lenses. For Piatnik OPTI red poker cards, we always mark with black ink.

You should get to know them and buy some, and then they will serve you in any poker games.

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