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Faisan Spanish Marked Poker Cards with Invisible Ink Markings

faisan marked poker cards for uv contact lenses
faisan marked poker cards for uv contact lenses plastic coated faisan invisible markings poker decks for sale

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Available Color:blue & red
Size:standard size

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Origin Faisan Spanish poker cards are made by Mexico company, however, they are the playing cards associated with Spain. They have four suits and a deck is usually made up of 40 or 48 cards. They has strong similarities with the Italian-suited deck and less to the French deck. Spanish-suited cards are used in Spain, southern Italy, parts of France, Hispanic America, North Africa, and the Philippines.
Faisan Spanish marked playing cards with invisible ink markings are created by GS company, which has more 10 years history to produce cheating poker props. Using the authentic Faisan Spanish poker decks, skillful poker trick staff add some invisible ink markings which can indicate card suits and numbers the back of the poker. The mark is related to invisible UV light, which is unseen to the naked eye. So the luminous reader like the marked cards contact lenses is needed to read them.
Faisan Spanish cheating poker cards with invisible ink markings can be great helpful for both poker players and magicians. Amazing price and excellent marking technique, such poker trick are welcomed by many people.

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