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Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Poker Cheating Lenses Marked Cards Poker Cheating Lenses Marked Cards

Have you ever used marked cards? When you look into this passage, I am sure you already know marked cards, at least know it in a certain degree. Among the juiced deck cards, the contact lenses marked cards is the most common dusted cards.

Not all the poker cards can be used to process as contact lenses marked deck cards. Take the poker cheating lens marked cards poker as an example.

The Bicycle marked playing cards for contact lenses are made of United State manufactured Bicycle standard 52 decks. In order to mark these ultimate poker deck cards to be Bicycle marked deck for IR contact lenses, we developed custom-made luminous ink and will print it one each piece of Bicycle card with different value and suit. After the marks are printed on the Bicycle poker cards, the design and appearance of them are as same as the original one. Even you take it very close to your eyes, no secret you can find!

It is all known that the contact lenses marked deck of cards is made with invisible ink, so many people seek for and buy infrared ink or invisible ink pen online. But 99% of them felt disappointed about the performance of this luminous ink kit. But if you ask a professional card marking technicians, they will tell you that "This is natural". Don't take it wrong, the ink and pen you buy are good products, but, they can't meet your needs. The marking of contact lenses marked cards are limited by many factors, temperature, weather, the ink (here, it means all kinds of luminous ink) for example. If you want to mark Bicycle cards, you got the ink and pen, and a deck of Bicycle cards. OK, just do it! And then, you will find the result is bad.

Contact Lenses Bicycle Marked Playing Cards

Actually, the marked cards supplier never sell the juiced cards marked by hand or the so-called invisible ink pen, they use the advanced card marking printer; what's more, the ink need to be re-made the magic ink almost every time to cater to the different cards' requirement in different time. If you buy a juiced deck of cards and an invisible ink pen from a supplier simultaneously, the difference can be recognized easily, even the magic deck of playing cards you buy isn't the professional one.

More information about the contact lenses marked cards, to be updated.

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