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Blackjack shoe casino cheating devices with long scanning distance

long distance barcode marking camera blackjack shoe
long distance barcode marking camera blackjack shoe long distance blackjack shoe scanner

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ProductBlackjack Shoe Scanner


Material:Translucent Plastic

Available Color:Black & Red & Blue

Scanning Distance:10-20cm, 20-30cm, 30-40cm,40-50cm

Application:Poker Games

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Long scanning distance blackjack shoe is made of translucent plastic, so marked playing cards scanner can see through the box and scan the barcode playing cards.

But the place to install poker cards scanner need to test. Because, if the scanning angle between this long distance marked cards camera and blackjack shoe is not suitable, the scanner cannot read the barcode markings.

Like other poker scanner camera, this scanning blackjack shoe can report each cards points to you and also the final result.

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