trick dice

mercury cheat dice for game

Omnipotent mercury cheating trick dice

If you want, there are many ways can help you win your betting game. For example, invisible ink marked decks and poker winner analyzer will make you be the winner in casino poker game; and mercury dice is a good dice tricks product. Mercury is the only liquid metal in the world, and because it has the sticky, heavy and movable features t...
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Excellent electronic dice board and remote dices

Remote controlled trick dice board

As an important part of remote control dice system, electronic dice board makes a big difference for players to win dice games. It can be installed on the underside of dice table, you could work it with remote dices and a suitable bowl accord with this special electronic dice board. Using this magic electronic dice board in the dice game...
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Talking Dices For Sale

Magic Trick Dice Talking/Listening Dices

Talking dices is a newest craps dices cheating tricks, maybe you know mercury dice, loaded dice, remote control dice, sensor dice and misc dices cheating gadgets. Here, we would like to introduce the Talking Dice (also can be called as Listening Dice) to you all. From the exterior design, the Talking Dice just same as a regular dice and ...
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induction dice

Sensor tricks dice for game

What is induction dice? Induction dice is a kind of magic tricks dice that you can feel its pips after it was thrown. And it has another name called Radio dice. Why you can feel its pips? A set of induction dice are including radio dice, radio transmitter, battery and sensor. Our experts bury a radio transmitter and a battery ins...
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dice cup camera for dice cheat

Cheating Dice Scanner Cup

Scanning dice cup is one of the processed dice devices. It is different from any other cheat dice products, such as remote control dice or the gravity dice, because we process the dice cup and bowl instead of the dice. After being experience, it is worked that hidden a spy lens inside the dice cup and bowl. And to cover the dice cheating...
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casino magic dice

Remote control cheating dice

Many people like playing dice game, and if they want to make sure they can win the game, they will figure out some ways, dice cheating device, such as using the magnet casino magic cheating dice with remote control or non magnetic remote control dice. And except for using in the dice games, remote control dice is also used in poker game. For exa...
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plastic fixed number dice

Professional cheating loaded dice for sale

On most of time, God of Gamblers is actually more dependent on equipment, not skills. For example, if you want to win in casino game, marked cards products for sale can help you; and if you want to success in dice game, magic tricks loaded dice for sale is good choice for you. Loaded dice is also called gravity dice, fixed dice. Loaded&n...
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