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Special induction paper poker cards for poker games

Sensor paper deck of cards in poker card games
Sensor paper deck of cards in poker card games sensor playing cards for non marked paper poker

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Items:Induction paper playing cards

Product Name:Built-in Sensor Chip Cards


Color:Gold/ Black/ Brown/Red/ Blue

ApplicationPoker playing games/ Magic Tricks

Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days

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Unlike luminous invisible ink marked poker cards or edged barcode marked deck cards, sensor poker is processed with a secret built-in sensor chip inside specially.

There is a mini predictor chip inserted skillfully into the paper playing cards, it usually works with specialized poker sensor. For some poker games, the cards may face down, at this time, operating with poker sensor, the sensor playing cards can help you know the number and suits of each playing card directly.

All kinds of paper deck of cards are suitable to process as sensor playing poker cards, and the predictor chip can be installed into different places of the poker.

Only for paper playing card!

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