poker cheating tools

GS infrared poker two way radio

Poker cheating tools YT 468 wireless poker two way radio

YT 468 poker hand analyzer walkie-talkie is a poker cards tricks device, working with IR ink marked cards earpiece to receiving analyzing results. The transmission distance of this YT 468 marked cards walkie-talkie is 50 meters. As long as the signal receiver is within 50 meters from the playing cards walkie-talkie, the transmiss...
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invisible ink playing cards spy earpiece

Poker cheating tools spy earpiece battery

Infrared marking poker cards, IR playing cards camera, invisible barcode marking cards scanner and poker winner analyzer software, when you use these kinds of marked luminous playing cards product, you will use playing cards spy earpiece at the same time. Marked cards earpiece is not like invisible ink playing cards or marked IR poker ca...
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luminous ink cards walkie-talkie

YT-K1 Walkie-Talkie Poker Cheating Tools for Poker Analyzer

If you use poker scanner analyzer, there must have poker predictor walkie-talkie. YT-K1 is one of these poker spy walkie-talkie. This analyzer interphone is charging with cable. Once it is fully charged, it can use for 10 hours, just as like as the marked cards earpiece. The working distance between the interphone and signal rece...
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Paper playing cards sensor for non-marked deck

Magic proximity induction poker cards sensor

The poker sensor is a necessary device for sensor playing cards! It can be installed in various articles, such as wallet poker sensor, watches poker sensor, cell phone poker sensor as well as water lighter, once the cards dealing over, the poker sensor will read the mini sensor chips and report the suits and value of cards for users via ...
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Coat playing cards switcher

Magic cards switcher coat for poker game

This is a playing cards switcher that installed in chest place of a coat. The Cards Switcher is a diabolically clever, and simple, method for switching one card for another. Its size is little bigger than poker size playing cards; only has space for three cards. And inside this cards switcher, it is double pulley to make the switching speed more...
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infrared juice cards earpiece

IR marked cards earpiece for poker camera

IR marked cards earpiece is used with infrared playing cards camera. If you have known about marked cards products, you must know that you need to work with your partner when you using infrared marked cards and IR marked cards camera. You friend watch the monitor and telling you what playing cards each poker players have, so that you can...
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earpiece for marked cards camera

One to one infrared ink poker cards earpiece

One to one infrared marked cards earpiece is specialized for luminous marked cards camera, to hear the results from your friend after he is watching the monitor image.  Tiny shape is needed for this one to one earpiece. And to make sure customer can wear it comfortably, we make it in cone shape to more suitable for our ear hole....
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8 players folding octagon poker table

Folding octagon poker cards game table

Folding style octagon poker table for 8 players is a poker table for blackjack, Texas Holdem game. For most of poker players, it is hard to find place or room to keep the poker table. It would be more convenient having a folding style poker table for it can be rolled in and out of slim spaces to quickly set up or tear down your playing area. You...
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Poker chips tray oval poker table

350 chips tray oval poker table

Its casino-style poker table will give you a sense of exciting, especially when you are in a private poker room. Even the casual playing cards games will get real and full of enthusiasm. -10cm OD x 9cm ID x 6cm Deep (OD - Outer Diameter, ID - Inner Diameter) -Casino Quality Poker Table Layout: A nice feature to this Poker Table i...
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marked domino for infrared contact lens

Invisible Markings Domino for UV Contact Lenses Gambling Cheat Device

There are a lot of ways to succeed. Some of these ways are a simple way, some are more complex. Generally people will choose a simple way to achieve their goals. For those who like to play Domino games, tricks luminous Domino and infrared contact lens are the most direct way for you to improve their skills in the shortest time. Luminous ...
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