poker cheating devices

luminous barcode poker background analyzer

Barcode playing cards background analyzer

A new poker analyzer program has come out, called full code background cards tricks analyzer system. This background code marks analyzer system is dissimilar towards the casino poker analyzer that set inside a laptop. Its standing features are following: 1. This background complete code analyzer program is set on computer system....
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luminous ink barcode playing cards analyzer software

One to one barcode scanner system

One to one scanning system is a kind of poker scanning system software that installing in your cell phone or computer and show you the casino poker game results. It has a higher security than other marked playing cards scanner system.  Why it is safer than other scanning system? As we all know, barcode playing cards scanning...
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CVK 400 poker odds calculator with double scanners

CVK 400 double lenses analyzer system

CVK 400 double lenses poker best hand analyzer is improved version of CVK 400 poker odds calculator, which is more flexible in scanning edge side barcode marking poker. Some changes also in: 1. Adding scanning distance in width about 21 cm; 2. Scanning results can show you by iWatch; 3. Remote control to change the number...
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AKK K5 all-in-one poker hand analyzer

AKK K5 barcode marked playing cards analyzer

Description: Origin: Made in China Scanning camera: 1 local camera Scanning distance: 20cm-40cm Report Speed: 0.1 s Support Games: Quite a lot Available Games: three Language: English, Chinese, Russian Color: Black, white, blue and gold AKK K5 poker hand analyzer is an all-i...
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barcode marked cards AKK A1 analyzer

AKK A1 invisible marking playing cards analyzer

Poker winner analyzer AKK A1 is the newest barcode playing cards analyzer so far in market. What are its attractive points? Here we go. 1. AKK K1 poker analyzer can read luminous barcode marked deck in 360 degree angle; no matter you place the cards on table, holding in your hand...its scanning distance is 20 to 50 cm in height and 30 cm...
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Pai Gow Analyzer Phone For Regular Tiles

PK Analyzer To Predict The Normal Pai Gow

When comes to Pai Gow games, Win is what every player want. As a professional manufacturer of entertainment products, we have devoted in developing and selling a variety of gambling trick tools for various entertainment games, such as the Pai Gow games. Here, we would like to introduce the professional Pai Gow analyzer software which can...
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TNK iPhone XS scanner analyzer

TNK iPhone XS is a new cover of smart phone for the poker hands scanner analyzers in 2020. Technology speeds up and innovation shows height. The upgrade of the Iphone mobile phones promoted the birth of the TNK iPhone XS scanner analyzer. Its emergence can better help poker players. Do you have any concerns when...
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marked domino for infrared contact lens

Invisible Markings Domino for UV Contact Lenses Gambling Cheat Device

There are a lot of ways to succeed. Some of these ways are a simple way, some are more complex. Generally people will choose a simple way to achieve their goals. For those who like to play Domino games, tricks luminous Domino and infrared contact lens are the most direct way for you to improve their skills in the shortest time. Luminous ...
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Marked cards printer system

Invisible ink cards marking printer

Many poker players ask about how to mark cards themselves, and they find invisible ink pen kit. But they do not satisfy with the effect, they need something more professional. We tell them we have invisible ink cards marking printer on sale. This invisible ink marked cards printer can mark any kinds of playing cards, paper, plast...
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Top quality IR luminous invisible ink double 6 black dots marked dominos

Marked set of 28 double six black pips IR marked dominoes

No matter at game nights or exciting parties, GS double six marked ivory dominoes with black spots are good device to have fun. A set of double six ivory dominoes contains 28 tiles. With sophisticated technology, GS technicians can use specialized infrared invisible ink recipe to process the excellent double six ivory dominoes perfectly....
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