poker cheating devices

barcode marked cards AKK A1 analyzer

AKK A1 invisible marking playing cards analyzer

Poker winner analyzer AKK A1 is the newest barcode playing cards analyzer so far in market. What are its attractive points? Here we go. 1. AKK K1 poker analyzer can read luminous barcode marked deck in 360 degree angle; no matter you place the cards on table, holding in your hand...its scanning distance is 20 to 50 cm in height and 30 cm...
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Pai Gow Analyzer Phone For Regular Tiles

PK Analyzer To Predict The Normal Pai Gow

When comes to Pai Gow games, Win is what every player want. As a professional manufacturer of entertainment products, we have devoted in developing and selling a variety of gambling trick tools for various entertainment games, such as the Pai Gow games. Here, we would like to introduce the professional Pai Gow analyzer software which can...
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marked domino for infrared contact lens

Invisible Markings Domino for UV Contact Lenses Gambling Cheat Device

There are a lot of ways to succeed. Some of these ways are a simple way, some are more complex. Generally people will choose a simple way to achieve their goals. For those who like to play Domino games, tricks luminous Domino and infrared contact lens are the most direct way for you to improve their skills in the shortest time. Luminous ...
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Marked cards printer system

Invisible ink cards marking printer

Many poker players ask about how to mark cards themselves, and they find invisible ink pen kit. But they do not satisfy with the effect, they need something more professional. We tell them we have invisible ink cards marking printer on sale. This invisible ink marked cards printer can mark any kinds of playing cards, paper, plast...
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Top quality IR luminous invisible ink double 6 black dots marked dominos

Marked set of 28 double six black pips IR marked dominoes

No matter at game nights or exciting parties, GS double six marked ivory dominoes with black spots are good device to have fun. A set of double six ivory dominoes contains 28 tiles. With sophisticated technology, GS technicians can use specialized infrared invisible ink recipe to process the excellent double six ivory dominoes perfectly....
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Funny and functional slot machines on sale

Slot machines suitable for all kinds of game rooms

If you want to buy the quality slot machines, you will be pleased to know that we have different ranges of excellent slot machines available to you now. Slot machines, also be called one-arm bandit, which provided by us come with 12 games, if players want to play Vegas classics like Cleopatra, Wolf Run, Buffalo, Double Diamond, DaVinci D...
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battery for marked cards devices

Marked cards lens camera battery

It's not like luminous contact lenses or marked invisible ink playing cards, every electronic playing marked cards product has its time limit. For example, when you use cigarette lighter scanning poker lens to read the invisible ink barcode markings playing cards, when you use blackjack shoe cards lens, what if their batteries are running off?...
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marked cards invisible ink for cards tricks

Ultimate marked deck invisible ink for playing cards

Have you ever heard of or used luminous playing cards invisible ink? If you never heard of marked cards luminous ink, it's time to know about magician marked cards invisible ink. It can be used in many ways. You can use it in magic marked cards and in poker game playing cards. For example, mark some hidden information in back of playing ...
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perspective cards game table for cards tricks use

Perspective cards tricks table

How to reduce the risk factor when you play cards cheat in casino game? Using normal playing cards instead of marked luminous ink poker cards; using playing cards camera instead of marked cards contact lenses. And perspective casino game table can meet these needs. How does this perspective table work? How does the poker cards camera see...
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Playing cards games remote control vibrator

Playing cards remote control vibrator

This marked decks remote control vibrator is separate from vibrator and operate by controller, it has long distance transmitter and is very practical for poker cards games. This playing cards remote control vibrator is so secret and others are difficult to detect. As there are many vibrator branches connect together, when you want to use...
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