poker cheating devices

infrared juice cards earpiece

IR marked cards earpiece for poker camera

IR marked cards earpiece is used with infrared playing cards camera. If you have known about marked cards products, you must know that you need to work with your partner when you using infrared marked cards and IR marked cards camera. You friend watch the monitor and telling you what playing cards each poker players have, so that you can...
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earpiece for marked cards camera

One to one infrared ink poker cards earpiece

One to one infrared marked cards earpiece is specialized for luminous marked cards camera, to hear the results from your friend after he is watching the monitor image.  Tiny shape is needed for this one to one earpiece. And to make sure customer can wear it comfortably, we make it in cone shape to more suitable for our ear hole....
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8 players folding octagon poker table

Folding octagon poker cards game table

Folding style octagon poker table for 8 players is a poker table for blackjack, Texas Holdem game. For most of poker players, it is hard to find place or room to keep the poker table. It would be more convenient having a folding style poker table for it can be rolled in and out of slim spaces to quickly set up or tear down your playing area. You...
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Poker chips tray oval poker table

350 chips tray oval poker table

Its casino-style poker table will give you a sense of exciting, especially when you are in a private poker room. Even the casual playing cards games will get real and full of enthusiasm. -10cm OD x 9cm ID x 6cm Deep (OD - Outer Diameter, ID - Inner Diameter) -Casino Quality Poker Table Layout: A nice feature to this Poker Table i...
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K4 barcode scanning camera analyzer

K4 casino cheating scanning system

K4 poker analyzer is the latest model of poker analyzer in 2016. With this new analyzer, the poker players will have more pleasure and benefits to enjoy the games. This great device has the following Features. 1. Any poker games can be applied to the K4 poker analyzer, such as Texas Holdem, 4-card Omaha, 5-card Omaha, High Cards, Rhonda ...
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marked Copag playing cards Samsung s5 marking system

Samsung s5 Texas game analyzer

For those who like to play poker game, especially Texas Holdem casino game, you will need to know that Samsung s5 Texas game analyzer truly is a good thing helps you more enjoy this thrilling game. When comes to Samsung s5 Texas game scanning system, there are several things you need to know about....
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luminous barcode poker background analyzer

Barcode playing cards background analyzer

A new poker analyzer program has come out, called full code background cards tricks analyzer system. This background code marks analyzer system is dissimilar towards the casino poker analyzer that set inside a laptop. Its standing features are following: 1. This background complete code analyzer program is set on computer system....
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luminous ink barcode playing cards analyzer software

One to one barcode scanner system

One to one scanning system is a kind of poker scanning system software that installing in your cell phone or computer and show you the casino poker game results. It has a higher security than other marked playing cards scanner system.  Why it is safer than other scanning system? As we all know, barcode playing cards scanning...
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CVK 400 poker odds calculator with double scanners

CVK 400 double lenses analyzer system

CVK 400 double lenses poker best hand analyzer is improved version of CVK 400 poker odds calculator, which is more flexible in scanning edge side barcode marking poker. Some changes also in: 1. Adding scanning distance in width about 21 cm; 2. Scanning results can show you by iWatch; 3. Remote control to change the number...
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AKK K5 all-in-one poker hand analyzer

AKK K5 barcode marked playing cards analyzer

Description: Origin: Made in China Scanning camera: 1 local camera Scanning distance: 20cm-40cm Report Speed: 0.1 s Support Games: Quite a lot Available Games: three Language: English, Chinese, Russian Color: Black, white, blue and gold AKK K5 poker hand analyzer is an all-i...
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