poker cheating devices

x-ray marked cards magnet earpiece

GS magnet earpiece poker cheating tools for infrared poker

Magnet marking playing cards earpiece can match all the invisible ink marked cards analyzer. It no needs using battery or signal receiver. The using secret of this magnet marked cards earpiece is magnetic field. After you put magnet earpiece into your ear, then turn on the electricity necklace, the place around it will generate a magneti...
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Wallet to exchange playing cards

Wallet cards exchanger poker cheating tools for magic trick

We have playing cards exchange wallet on sale. Any of wallet brands can be processed into wallet playing cards exchanger. Inside the wallet, there is a special made secret place to hide the playing cards you want. 3 playing cards can be hidden inside. Once you put the poker cards near the entrance of this secret place, the playing cards ...
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Juice marking deck analyzer signal enhancer

Signal enhancer poker cheating tools for scanner analyzer

Marked cards signal amplifier is a little plastic box that can enhance signal transmission distance. If you have used poker scanner analyzer, you knew that the distance between barcode juice cards analyzer and spy earpiece is limited. The way to further the signal transmission distance, stable the transmission signal is using this markin...
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First-rate roulette wheel game set of GS

Roulette wheel game poker cheating tools

Russia Roulette is an exciting game which is popular around world, and a top-rate roulette table can make you enjoy the roulette game more freely. GS roulette table has golden brass turret and works effortlessly on double precision ball bearing mechanisms. With this professional roulette wheel game set, you could turn your house party in...
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Professional AKK poker odds calculator vibrator

Poker cheating tools AKK poker hand analyzer vibrator

Some poker players don’t want to use mini Bluetooth earpiece to match poker hand analyzer, GS poker analyzer vibrator is a good choice. This is a vibrator for AKK poker analyzer device which can let you know who will be the best winner and second winner. There are six vibrator branches connect together, the 0 stands for 10, and 1-5...
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GS infrared poker two way radio

Poker cheating tools YT 468 wireless poker two way radio

YT 468 poker hand analyzer walkie-talkie is a poker cards tricks device, working with IR ink marked cards earpiece to receiving analyzing results. The transmission distance of this YT 468 marked cards walkie-talkie is 50 meters. As long as the signal receiver is within 50 meters from the playing cards walkie-talkie, the transmiss...
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invisible ink playing cards spy earpiece

Poker cheating tools spy earpiece battery

Infrared marking poker cards, IR playing cards camera, invisible barcode marking cards scanner and poker winner analyzer software, when you use these kinds of marked luminous playing cards product, you will use playing cards spy earpiece at the same time. Marked cards earpiece is not like invisible ink playing cards or marked IR poker ca...
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luminous ink cards walkie-talkie

YT-K1 Walkie-Talkie Poker Cheating Tools for Poker Analyzer

If you use poker scanner analyzer, there must have poker predictor walkie-talkie. YT-K1 is one of these poker spy walkie-talkie. This analyzer interphone is charging with cable. Once it is fully charged, it can use for 10 hours, just as like as the marked cards earpiece. The working distance between the interphone and signal rece...
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Paper playing cards sensor for non-marked deck

Magic proximity induction poker cards sensor

The poker sensor is a necessary device for sensor playing cards! It can be installed in various articles, such as wallet poker sensor, watches poker sensor, cell phone poker sensor as well as water lighter, once the cards dealing over, the poker sensor will read the mini sensor chips and report the suits and value of cards for users via ...
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Coat playing cards switcher

Magic cards switcher coat for poker game

This is a playing cards switcher that installed in chest place of a coat. The Cards Switcher is a diabolically clever, and simple, method for switching one card for another. Its size is little bigger than poker size playing cards; only has space for three cards. And inside this cards switcher, it is double pulley to make the switching speed more...
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