poker cheating devices

cheating wallet with double texas poker cards scanners

Double lens wallet barcode scanner cheating devices

Wallet, as the cover of poker cheating spy camera, is really handy in casino game. And to make it more flexible and suitable in game cheating for the customer, we made progress on the wallet barcode cards reader. We call the improved one twofold poker barcode marks viewer. The improved aspect of this poker cheating camera wallet is that ...
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500 chips box barcode poker viewer

Double barcode lens 500 chips tray scanner

Poker is a popular entertainment, because of its variety of playing ways. So, it would be great if there is a cheating tool that can be used in many poker games. And the Texas holdem chip box lens come into being. The most exciting thing is that this 500 chip tray poker cards scanner is improved to double lens. Its scanning distance is g...
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chip box scanner for poker cheat

scanning double lens 350 chips box

If you are a dealer in a casino, chip box and different brands of playing cards must be will be familiar to you. If you want to win money with these familiar things, you can try our poker scanning HD camera chip tray. And this chip tray can hold 500 chips. ABS plastic is the main material of this plastic chip tray that we choose to insta...
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scanning camera hidden in long sleeve shirt

Four lens shirt sleeve camera

In poker devices market, most of the poker scanner lens is one lens and double lens. Now, our GS Entertainment Products Co. Ltd. break through the technology limitation, invented the four powerful poker scanning camera As you can imagine, the more scanning camera are, the widen distance it can scan. The advantages of this long sl...
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PK magic poker scanner lighter

PK series magic scanning lighter camera

PK King series poker analyzer is a famous brand of barcode marked cards analyzer for its high scanning speed and analyzing accuracy. Now, we have PK magic lighter scanning camera on sale. This PK magic Texas poker cards lighter is a multi-frequency signal transmission scanner. The good point of multi-frequency signal transmission is that...
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poker scanner water bottle camera

Barcode playing cards water bottle camera lens

Scanning camera water bottle scanner is the latest marked cards scanner so far. What are the advantages of this water bottle barcode marked cards scanner? 1. Placing on table and hold in hand are working for scanning barcode marked cards. 2. 360 degree scanning angle, easier and more flexible in scanning cards; 3. Using C...
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Benz car key marking barcode poker scanner

Benz marked deck car key scanner

Car key is a common thing in daily life, it is normal to put a car key on poker table when you playing cards game. Car key scanning poker camera is for those who are adventurous. Benz juice deck car key scanner has one poker lens inside, its scanning distance is from 20 to 30 cm(the scanning distance is customizable), as long as you use ...
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Fastest wide range power bank camera

2nd generation power bank radar dynamic scanning camera

The Latest radar dynamic scanner power bank camera Aurora King 629 come out now! It's the second generation dynamic camera in power bank with wide scanning range after the 628. It is an ace product in the poker scanners with the fastest poker scanning lens so far. We can call it also AK 629 ultra-wide range mobile power bank po...
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Dynamic zip scanning camera

Radar zip scanner camera

The great progress of science comes from brand new and bold imagination. The traditional poker lens will also face upgrades. Therefore, the innovative products radar zip scanner camera appears, which is powerful and practical. The poker analysis system always contains 4 parts: poker analyzer, poker scanner camera, marking cards with barc...
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customized smart phone to exchange playing cards

Poker cheating tools playing cards exchanger smart phone

Have you ever encountered a situation when you play cards game that you almost have a royal flush. At such a time, do you want to play a magic and get the playing cards you want? When you want to exchange playing cards, smart phone playing cards exchanger is a good choice. This smart phone playing cards exchange tool is suitable for litt...
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