poker cheating devices

AKK A2 scanner analyzer

AKK A2 poker cards analyzer for gamble cheating

AKK A2 poker hand analyzer for cheating is the best-selling product. This poker analyzer is used by poker enthusiasts in Omaha games, Texas Hold'em, blackjack or other famous casino games. Like other analyzers, it can set the type of game, the number of players, the order of cards, the type of information broadcast, and then receive and analyze ...
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wall clock scanning lens

Wall clock barcode scanner cheating devices

Is it true that wall clock is a really ordinary thing in our daily life? We even will ignore it when we come into a room. And that exactly give us a chance to make some change to the wall clock for helping poker players to win in their gamble game. The scanning lens is in a small dimension so that it can be installed into the wall clock ...
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car key scanner for poker winner system

Car key scanning camera casino cheating devices

The digital car key can help you lock, open your cards, and warm you when someone is trying to steal or scrap your car, and this poker cheating scanner car key can help you win in the poker game. How it helps you win? An electron scanning camera is built inside the car key, you can turn it off and on at any time. When you want to use it,...
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cigarette box with scanning camera

Cigarette box barcode markings scanner gambling cheat devices

Nowadays, many people are smoking. And it is nothing special seeing people take a cigarette box with them. So, such a common thing will not catch people's attention, especially when they playing the poker game. The cigarette box we designed to hidden the poker cheating camera can really fill with cigarette. The special point is that each...
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poker scanner in clothes

Clothes edge barcode cards scanner gambling cheat devices

If you wear the processed clothes with side marked barcode reader to play gamble game, no one can find the secret poker scanning camera. The scanning camera is concealed behind your clothes. Before the game start, turn on the camera, and make sure the camera is facing directly to the side marked barcode cards, and the working scanning di...
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sound box scanner for cards cheat

Sound box code markings scanner

When the time you do not play poker game, you can use this loudspeaker poker winner predictor scanner for achieving the effect in listening to music and watching movies. When you need to play poker casino game, you can turn on the poker winner predictor scanner for help. It will assist you in winning the game. If you want to turn on the ...
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auto focus tracking image scanner

Auto tracking barcode scanner lens cheating tools

It is really helpful to use the covered marks poker viewer, for example, the cigarette casino poker camera for cards cheat, you just need to scan the code marks on the side of the juiced marked playing cards. And after the marked cards poker analyzer figure out the scanning data, then you will know who are the first winner and the second winner ...
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blackjack shoe poker camera for cheat

Blackjack shoe barcode cards reader

Most of the edge barcode marks juiced cards cameras are used for Texas Holdem and Omaha cards cheating game, but now, we invented a side mark barcode reader for Baccarat. The edge code marks scanner is built inside the blackjack shoe, so it also called blackjack shoe side mark barcode reader. The most outstanding feature of this blackjac...
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chip tray double lens for poker tricks

Square chip tray double barcode lens

All of us want to win a big wealth in the poker game, but how? Our poker cheating product--double lens square chip tray will give you the answer. From the outward appearance of this double lens square chip tray, you can not see the difference between it and the normal chip tray. And after we building two scanning camera into the square c...
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stainless lighter scanner to see invisible marks

Stainless lighter barcode marked cards cheating tools

Most of the lighter, no matter the disposable one, or the inflatable one, are used butane, propane and liquefied petroleum gas. But our stainless lighter with poker cheating camera is different. Except for the different fuel, its inner construction is different, too. Inside the stainless lighter, there set a barcode cards reader and a si...
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