poker cheating devices

nokia phone texas poker cards scanner

Nokia barcode poker camera lens device

Ok, Nokia is really popular on the past time. And even now, some people are still use Nokia smart phone. One of the reasons why we choose Nokia to install the poker barcode marks viewer is that its quality is really well. In some extent, it will pro...
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scanning poker camera hidden in suit button

Removable button barcode poker scanner

A new design poker cheating scanning camera is launched. And we name it as removable shirt button sensor bar-code poker camera. This button auto sensor poker cheating camera is removable, so you can adjust its position anywhere on your suit, to make it more easily scanning the edge side code marked playing cards. To make sure the auto se...
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barcode playing cards scanner in poker cheat

Long distance zoom lens barcode poker reader

For some people, when the bar code playing cards scanner is not with them during the poker game, it will give them the sense of security in some extent, for decrease one potential chance for being caught. Consider to this psychological, we invented the new design long range auto focus poker scanner. Because this is a long range used barc...
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poker shuffler with side mark barcode reader

Poker shuffler barcode cards reader

With a playing cards cheating camera shuffler, you can win as long as you wish. Up to now, the most common cheating playing cards on market for sale is invisible ink marked cards used with Infrared contact lenses and the side marked barcode poker used with scanning camera. Edge marked hidden barcode poker playing cards cheating scanner c...
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barcode poker viewer suits

Double HD barcode poker reader suit

This long sleeve suits double mirror lens is designed for winter. In winter, we will wear more clothes to keep warm, and that give us the chance to play tricks in the poker game. With our hard studying in poker cheating devices, we now, have the mature technology in installing the scanning camera into suit, coat and others long sleeve sh...
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cheating poker coat button scanner

Coat button edge barcode poker camera

Winter is coming, and our winter series products are coming as well. One of these is double-lens coat button camera. Being ten years producing poker trick devices, GS Entertainment Products Co. Ltd. has the mature technology and ability in inventing poker cheating products. For example, the side marked barcode poker that processe...
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Smart Sport Hand Rings For AKK Playing Cards Analyzer

Smart Wristband Watches Poker Camera Work With PK Poker Analyzer

Many people said that the marked cards cheating devices are commonly and known by all people, not safe to use, and need to find some newest products which is safe and will not cause the attention of others. Here, we would like to introduce one of the newest developed cheating kits, sport wristband poker camera scanner, to you all. This n...
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Cell Phone Finger Ring Stand Holder Poker Cheat Card Scanner

Phone Case Hard Ring Poker Hole Cards Camera

Phone Case Hard Ring barcode playing card scanner camera is a newly developed playing card scanning camera, it can work with CVK600 poker analyzer, AKK A2 poker Omaha calculator system and others types of playing card analyzer. In a word, this Cell Phone Finger Ring Holder poker hole card camera can be matched with all types of Texas Holdem and ...
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T shirt dynamic camera

T-shirt Poker Scanner Dynamic Camera Lens

T-shirt poker scanner dynamic camera lens is a perfect daily items with the spy scanning camera lens for using in casinos or some other poker rooms. Casino rules are becoming more and more strict. Quite a lot of occasions for poker games do not allow unrelated items such as phones or power banks to be placed on gambling tables, which mak...
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marked cards analyzer of CVK400

CVK 400 poker cheating device / poker odds calculator

CVK is one of the popular poker hand analyzers. CVK 400 contains 3 types of poker games, such as Texas Holdem and Omaha 4.   It's a Samsung-looks mobile analyzer. The built-in spy camera is installed inside the phone. You can receive the analyzer result by general earpiece, one to one Bluetooth earpiece and its original earpiece. Th...
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