poker cheating devices

Special 1-1 barcode marked poker cards scanner

One to one poker cheating device scanner for special marked decks

Poker camera is a magic device which can be used to scan the invisible ink barcode data on the sides of marked cards to help you know the poker game result. Here, we will introduce our newest type poker scanner for you - the one to one poker camera lens! This poker scanning camera has unique poker camera lenses inside, it needs to be wor...
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cuff poker scanning camera

Cuff button poker cheating tools barcode poker camera

Button, the cuff button in your shirt, such a small thing, but hidden a big function of poker scanner to assist you in winning casino games. Do not look down on the small thing. It is because of that so they can help you beat others secretly. This cuff button poker hidden scanner is a typical example. This button poker scanning c...
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power bank inspector for barcode marked cards

Power bank poker cheating tools barcode marking poker scanner

So far, juiced barcode deck reader is one of the cheating devices in cards cheating, and power bank barcode deck scanning camera is a good choice. No matter from the outward appearance, or in its function, this power bank is a real power bank. You not only can use it to scan the barcode marks cover on the edge of the playing deck, but al...
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wallet cheating poker camera

Wallet Poker Lens Poker Scanner for Poker Cheating Device

When you playing poker game, such as Omaha and Texas Holdem, you just need to place your wallet on the table, then you can win a big wealth in the game. Wallet poker barcode marks viewer means that there is a barcode poker scanning camera hidden inside the Horizontal wallet. When you turn it on, and face the scanning camera that inside t...
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poker chip scanner

Poker chip gambling cheat devices barcode cards reader

After many times of studying and testing, our technology in building poker barcode marked deck scanner into the chip is mature, with a common look, but in big function. This poker chip juiced cards scanner is used with optical lens with fixed focus function. But to make sure the customer can have the precise upshot, we have tested out th...
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ashtray poker camera for analyzer system

Ashtray edge barcode poker scanner for poker analyzer cheat device

If you think it is inconvenient to take the ashtray with you, or you do not often playing in casino, our ashtray barcode cards reader maybe suitable for you. It is a real ashtray that we just build a barcode playing cards camera inside it. As long as you turn the scanning camera in the direction of the cheating edge barcode cards, it wil...
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chip tray scanner for poker

Chip tray gambling cheat devices barcode poker viewer

If you want to be the dealer, and if you want to take the gambling game under your control, our chip tray barcode cards viewer are the best choice for you. In interior of the chip tray, we installed a barcode poker cards viewer. The most important thing is that you, not to speak of other players even can not see the barcode poker viewer....
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leather belt scanner for poker

Leather Belt Custom Casino Cheating Devices Poker Scanner

Can you imagine what is the leather belt cards cheating scanner? Where do it different from the normal leather belt? Let me introduce this leather belt cards cheating scanner for you. There is a poker cheating barcode cards scanning camera inside the leather belt buckle, once you press the open switch, it will begin to work, to scan the ...
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TV poker cards barcode scanner

TV barcode poker scanning camera for casino cheating

TV is a cover or the shield for the barcode cards scanning camera. Poker scanning camera is perfectly hidden inside the TV. Compare with car key and power bank poker cards reader, TV casino playing deck inspector is used for long scanning distance.  What is more, in order to scan the barcode marks on the edge of the playing ...
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poker table poker reader to see barcode marks

Poker table barcode marks reader

If the poker table you use to playing gamble game is already installed a marked cards cheating scanner, it would be much easier to cheating in the game. This poker table that with barcode marked deck scanner is a tradition casino poker table. The scanning camera is built into the poker table perfectly that no one can see it. Of cause we ...
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