poker cheating devices

smartphone scanning camera

Cell phone barcode poker lens poker cheating devices

Normally, if you want to use the barcode marked deck in cards cheating, you need to use a machine-readable code scanner, such as the car key scanning camera and wallet barcode reader, but now, here is the Smartphone barcode playing cards inspector, which is set up in the Smartphone, the same as the poker winner analyzer. But the scanning...
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USB cable poker camera

USB cable poker cheating devices barcode cards trick lens

Nowadays, many of us like to use the power bank to charge our phone, and at this time, we need a USB cable to connect our phone and the power bank. After considering and being test, we produce this USB cable poker cheating reader. As we all know, the USB port is so small that no one will think about there is a poker barcode playing deck ...
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poker scanner watch

Wristwatch edge poker cheating devices barcode cards

If you enjoy the exciting feeling and you also want to score a success in poker game, we can help you by this wristwatch marked deck inspector. Take actual use into consideration, we set up the marked deck inspector into the mechanical watches, so the wristwatch not only can scan the barcode marked deck in cards cheating, but also can te...
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poker scanner analyzer

AKK-k3 poker cheating devices analyzing software

Description: Origin: Made in China Scanning camera: 1 local camera Scanning distance: 20cm-40cm Report Speed: 0.1 s Support Games: Quite a lot Available Games: three Language: English, Chinese, Russian Color: Black Size: 13.7cm*7.1cm*0.7cm AKK K3 poker analyzer is an...
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cvk350 Scanner Poker Analyzer

CVK350 Poker Analyzer for Barcode Cards / Poker Cheating Devices

Description: Color: White; Origin: China; Size: 13.7cm*7.1cm*0.7cm; Built-in Scanner: double; Report Speed: 0.1 second; Support Games: More than 100 kinds. Being different from the early model of CVK analyzers, the CVK350 has a local scanning camera. It can scan the barcode marked cards dir...
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iphone 6 poker tricks camera

Iphone 6 poker cheating devices to scan edge barcode cards

We know that iphone is famous for its advanced technology and high quality. And to give our customers the high-quality enjoyment, we produce the iphone 6 Texas poker cards scanner. This iphone 6 poker cheating scanner has all the functions of the real iphone, such as make calls, texting and surfing Internet. The only difference from the ...
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new poker analyzer of pk king

PK-King 508 Poker Analyzer All-in-one Poker Cheating Devices

PK king is another brand for poker analyzers that is made in China. It is not the most expensive analyzers but it is useful when playing poker games such as Texas Holdem and Omaha. The PK KING 508 scanner analyzer has a local scanning camera. It can scan the marked cards and get the barcode marks directly and then analyze the signal info...
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CVK 500 scanning system of Texas Holdem

CVK 500 Poker Cheating Devices for Texas Holdem

CVK 500 is an efficient cards game analyzer system. Two ways to scan spy playing cards. One is using double built-in scanning camera. Twin-lens design is expanding the scanning distance in width (from 22 cm to 48 cm) and length (from 22 cm to 35 cm). And the other is using wireless spy poker camera. Except for using with its original ear...
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lighter poker scanner for analyzer system

Poker Cheating Device Lighter Barcode Cards Scaner Camera

There are always have people ask online that how to beat others in the poker game, or search poker cheating machine for sale. Now, you will get the answer. If you want to score a success in the gamble you play, you cannot miss the lighter texas poker cards scanner. Lighter texas poker cards scanner is not just used for Texas Holdem, it c...
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long scanning distance camera in lamp

Chandelier barcode poker cheating scanner

Imagine that you are entering a room with a lamp, and will you observe carefully or just take a hurried look at the lamp? I think for most of us will just take a hurried look. So, this super long-range chandelier scanning camera is really safety and suitable for you. As a spy camera, the size of the super long-range scanning camera will ...
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