poker cheat cards

Bar code playing cards

Barcode marked poker cheat cards juice deck

What is edge bar code playing cards? How to make a edge bar code playing cards? Before we have mention that you can use invisible ink to make back marked cards, in order to impress you on the marked cards, here we repeat again. Edge bar code playing cards, processed with the normal playing cards, is able to be scanned by the poker scanne...
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invisible ink marked cards of Copag 4PIP

Copag 4pip infrared ink poker cheat cards juice deck

What is the infrared marked decks of cards? How to see through the infrared marked deck? The principle of infrared marked decks is very simple, it is made of the ordinary deck of cards with special infrared invisible ink. Infrared marked deck of poker cards can provide you a clear effect, it is suitable to be used whether it is the day or night....
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Copag 1546 Poker size cheating cards

Barcode marking Copag 1546 luminous poker cheat cards

How to make a perspective side marked deck? For back marked cards, we have some rough introduction before, now we introduce a new marking method, and it will never be found any flaws. Generally, perspective side marked decks is processed with a normal poker playing cards. Now we want to tell you, in addition to using machine to print the...
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NTP poker gaming cards with marks

NTP Luminous marking poker cheat cards

In fact, you have no choice in front of things but to be stronger. If you feel tired, you can take a short break, and then go on. You can lose, but you can’t give up. This kind of efforts call struggle. In any occasion we should keep in mind to struggle for ourselves, even in poker games.  Because others just want you to lose,...
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professional marked cards of Lion plastic cards

Lion luminous juice markings poker cheat cards

Lion poker cards are 100% plastic playing cards, their size is poker size 2 jumbo index, regular graphics on the backside, and each deck is packed with paper box. Lion poker we are selling is not common playing cards, they are special marked cards with invisible ink marks printed on the back of the playing cards, and Lion marked cards ar...
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modiano texas holdem marked cards

Modiano Texas Holdem Poker Cheat Cards for Poker Game

Modiano playing cards is one of the luxury brand of Italian manufacturers. Modiano playing cards is made of 100 percent environmentally friendly plastic, not the low-grade PVC material. Modiano Texas Poker marked deck is very welcome by many casino for its luxury design. In casino, we often meet some poker cheaters, they use the casino c...
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bonus poker cheat cards for ir contact lenses

Bonus Invisible Ink Poker Cheat Cards for IR Contact Lenses

Bonus playing cards are US playing cards. Bonus, Bee and Bicycle are all from the same company, USPCC. But Bonus poker cards are not as famous as Bee and Bicycle which are widely used in many countries. Bonus playing cards are favored in Asian regions. Bonus poker cards have many series. Bonus cards from different series will have different back...
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Barcode red Aviator playing cards

Aviator red edges invisible barcode poker cards

A barcode deck exist with their own reasons, with the development of gamble and in poker games, poker cards always needed no matter in bars or in shows. Barcode deck was created originally used for magic cheating, but later they were used in casino to prove that there is forbidden of barcode deck. Then how to use marked deck in life to make fun ...
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Sensor paper deck of cards in poker card games

Special induction paper poker cards for poker games

Unlike luminous invisible ink marked poker cards or edged barcode marked deck cards, sensor poker is processed with a secret built-in sensor chip inside specially. There is a mini predictor chip inserted skillfully into the paper playing cards, it usually works with specialized poker sensor. For some poker games, the cards may face down,...
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Modiano Golden Trophy Barcode Cards with Invisible Marks

Italy Modiano Golden Trophy N1 Marked Poker Cards for Poker Predictor

People in Europe like to play Modiano Golden Trophy playing cards. If people want to cheating in poker game, like Texas Holdem and Omaha,  most of them will buy barcode marked cards of Modiano Golden Trophy. Why? Because this kind of marked cards are used for poker predictor, with a set of poker predictor products, you will know the best ...
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