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Copag texas holdem playing cards

Copag Texas Holdem playing deck

Copag Texas Holdem playing cards are 100% plastic cards, the plastic cards can be used for longer time than the paper cards. These cards are poker sized (2.5 x 3.5 inches) playing cards with a classic deep red back design and black design. Each deck is a standard deck with 52 cards, 2 jokers and 1 guarantee card. And every deck of cards is packa...
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Copag 1546 Poker Cards

Copag 1546 casino playing cards

COPAG Plastic cards are the official cards of the WSOP and have a reputation for high quality and long durability. The cards are 100% plastic and They are designed to last up to 100 times longer than a traditional deck of playing cards. Copag cards last longer, shuffle better, and slide across tables in a way that you will never want to play wit...
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Copag Export Poker Size Playing Cards

Copag Export Jumbo Index playing cards

Keep your next home game simple with the Copag Export Playing Cards. These cards have a simple woven design on each card back for elegance, and a basic card face for easy viewing. Each card back design goes straight to the edge of the card for less confusion at all your events. This set of 100% Plastic Poker Size Jumbo Index Export COPAG...
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copag jumbo face and regular face poker cards

Copag jumbo face gambling cards

Copag poker playing cards are used worldwide by casinos because of their professional quality, Copag jumbo face and regular face cards are 100% plastic cards, these plastic cards are the best available choice on the poker market. Copag Jumbo face and regular face cards are the 2pip cards, which have red and blue back. These cards...
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fournier poker No.12 playing cards

Fournier No.12 gaming plastic cards

Different people love different things, and different poker lovers love different brands and different models of poker cards, and there may be some love all kinds of poker cards, because they are poker collecting lovers. Fournier No.12 playing cards is also one kind. Fournier not only through the use of high technology and precision equi...
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modiano texas holdem playing deck

Modiano Texas Holdem plastic playing cards

Modiano Cards are 100% plastic playing cards made with Modiano proprietary platinum acetate, never low-grade PVC like competing cards.  The Texas Poker has a jumbo index that is ideal for any poker game including that of Texas Poker. This deck is 100% plastic and is poker size 2.5 x 3.5. These cards can handle the wear and tear of n...
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modiano cristallo 4pip poker cards

Modiano Cristallo 4 PIP Jumbo Index cards

Modiano Cristallo 100% plastic playing cards manufactured in Italy by Modiano, these cards are wide, poker-sized at 2.5 by 3.5, and use a 4-pip jumbo index that provides unbeatable visibility when checking your hole cards in Texas Holdem. The Modiano Cristallo plastic cards has 8 colors for you to choose from: red, dark blue, light blue,...
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modiano jumbo bike playing cards

Modiano Jumbo Bike playing cards deck

Modiano Bike Trophy jumbo index Playing Cards are made in Italy and are 100% plastic cards, which means that they are designed to last up to 100 times longer than traditional paper based/plastic coated playing cards. These cards are fade resistant, washable, waterproof and will not crimp, crease, or tear under normal playing conditions. Modiano ...
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modiano golden trophy poker cards

Modiano Golden Trophy playing cards

Modiano Golden Trophy cards are 100% plastic cards, with standard 4-index faces, the cards are a standard Poker size, measuring 63 x 88mm. The Modiano Golden Trophy Poker cards have an attractive single-colour design on the back of vintage cars, and the pack is packaged in a printed tuck box. Modiano manufacture some of the finest qualit...
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no.77 bee cards for poker club

Blue No.77 Bee playing cards

Bee Club Special No.77 playing cards are still considered to be amongst the best handling and lasting by casinos and professional card players worldwide. The playing card of choice for casinos and industry professionals worldwide, Bee Club Special No.77 playing cards maintain their shape and playability for longer than most other paper p...
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