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Perspective cards tricks table

perspective cards game table for cards tricks use
perspective cards game table for cards tricks use perspective poker cards game table

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Product NameCard Trick Table


Available Color:Brown

Size:Casino Size

Application:Casino Poker Games

Deliver Time:3-5 working days

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How to reduce the risk factor when you play cards cheat in casino game? Using normal playing cards instead of marked luminous ink poker cards; using playing cards camera instead of marked cards contact lenses. And perspective casino game table can meet these needs.

How does this perspective table work? How does the poker cards camera see through the cards game table and show you all the playing cards on the table? Once you connect the background computer with the TV, you can see cards suites and points of every poker players.

With this perspective playing cards table, you are not afraid to check the playing cards you play; you are not afraid to check if you were wearing invisible ink contact lenses; and you are not afraid to lose the cards game you play.

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