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Luminous double twelve black spots dominoes with ink solution

Back marked double twelve black pip juice dominoes for sale Back marked double twelve black pip juice dominoes for sale

In different varieties of dominoes, double twelve black dots dominoes are especially adaptable to complicated domino games. Marked back double twelve black dots dominoes have more advantages to help player enjoy domino games.

The luminous marked double 12 black-code spots dominoes provided by GS is marked with best invisible ink recipe. The markings are made so perfect that no one will notice any difference between them and the original. If player want to read the marks on the backs of luminous invisible ink double twelve black pips dominoes, luminous contact lenses or ultra sunglasses are necessary.


-Suitable to groups of four or more players.


-Can be used in many complicated domino games.


-Includes a set of 91 dominoes.


-White board and black spots.


-Markings can be customized accordance with special requirement.


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  • Name: John2019-05-04 07:40:36IP:
  • Content: Want to purchase illuminus ink pen to mark White or any color paper then view with uv or ir contact lenses. Please advise, john
  • Reply: Hello John, nice to have your inquiry here. Just keep contact by whatsapp for the IR contact lenses and invisible ink pen please.
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