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IR marked cards earpiece for poker camera

infrared juice cards earpiece
infrared juice cards earpiece earpiece for ir playing cards camera

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Product:Infrared Earpiece for IR Poker


Color:Skin & Black

Application:Baccarat, Texas Holdem, Omaha

Deliver Time:2-3 working days

Supply Ability:1500 Each Per Month

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IR marked cards earpiece is used with infrared playing cards camera.

If you have known about marked cards products, you must know that you need to work with your partner when you using infrared marked cards and IR marked cards camera. You friend watch the monitor and telling you what playing cards each poker players have, so that you can decide what to do next in the game. But how does your partner inform you what he sees? IR marked cards earpiece can help you solve this problem.

Infrared playing cards earpiece is a really really small cone shape eavesdrop earpiece. It has two kinds of color: black and flesh color. You can choose it according to your skin color.

The working distance is base on the distance between the earpieces and interphone. You can adjust the distance you need.

This infrared marked deck earpiece is a better one, a little bit more expensive but more stable in signal frequency. By the way, we have common juice cards earpiece on sale as well.

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