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Copag 1546 casino playing cards

Copag 1546 Poker Cards Copag 1546 Poker Cards

COPAG Plastic cards are the official cards of the WSOP and have a reputation for high quality and long durability. The cards are 100% plastic and They are designed to last up to 100 times longer than a traditional deck of playing cards. Copag cards last longer, shuffle better, and slide across tables in a way that you will never want to play with any other deck of cards again. 

Each set comes in a black plastic holder with cover for safe storage. Each set of Copag 1546 cards has two decks of cards, the Copag 1546 cards has 10 colors: red and blue, orange and brown, black and gold, green and burgundy, purple and grey. 

Additional Information:

1. 100% plastic playing cards

2. Poker (wide) sized cards (63*88 mm)/Narrow (bridge) size cards(57*88mm)

3. Jumbo (large) index on the corners/Regular (small) index on the corners

4. Durable hard plastic storage case

5. 10 colors: red and blue, orange and brown, black and gold, green and burgundy, purple and grey

Available in:

Wide(Poker), Jumbo Index

Wide(Poker), Regular Index

Narrow(Bridge), Jumbo Index

Narrow(Bridge), Regular Index

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