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Juego Texas Pro Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Poker Room

juego texas pro marked poker
juego texas pro marked poker juego texas pro marked cards

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Brand:ITA(International Tobacco Agency)
Size:Playing cards size 63 x 88 mm
Color:Black, Blue & Red
Material:100% Platsic
Index:Jumbo Index
Application:Magic show, Poker games

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Juego is ITA's brand specialized in adult board games. It includes a wide range of products such as playing cards, chess, traditional board games etc. Juego Texas Pro playing cards can be made as invisible ink marked cards for special contact lenses to read. The operation is very simple. Wear the infrared contacts or glasses, you can see through the marked playing cards. Anyone can learn or grasp it in a couple of minutes.
Founded in 2002, our company always committed ourselves to developing and improving the technique to satisfy our customer's requirements and demands. With the skillful technicians, advanced printed machine and special luminous ink, we are able to provide you the best Juego marked cards of casino quality.

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  • Name: AveryTuh2019-09-16 08:27:20IP:
  • Content: Hi!  How can I place an order of Bicycle marked cards and contact lenses?
  • Reply: Thank you for your inquiry of marked cards products here. Lets Whatsapp to contact for details please. Good day!
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  • Content: How to mark the luminous marked decks?
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