marked playing cards

Infrared barcode marking Dal Negro poker cards

Invisible ink kit Dal Negro marked barcode cards

Dal Negro Playing Cards are manufactured in Italy since 1756. These playing cards are similar to Modiano Playing Cards, and have a reputation as being a bit more artistic than other brands of playing cards. -Dal Negro Net Plus Acetate are jumbo index cards and each deck contains 52 cards, 2 jokers, and 1 information card; -Dal Ne...
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modiano bike trophy barcode marked  playing cards

Modiano Bike Trophy Barcode Marked Cards for Poker Analyzer

Modiano Bike Trophy playing cards can be processed into barcode marked cards. It is the most directly cheating way in Texas Holdem and Omaha game so far. Why we say barcode marked cards, while not the luminous marked cards, are the most directly cheating way in poker?  Modiano Bick Trophy barcode marked cards are used with poker ana...
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Modiano Golden Trophy Barcode Cards with Invisible Marks

Italy Modiano Golden Trophy N1 Marked Poker Cards for Poker Predictor

People in Europe like to play Modiano Golden Trophy playing cards. If people want to cheating in poker game, like Texas Holdem and Omaha,  most of them will buy barcode marked cards of Modiano Golden Trophy. Why? Because this kind of marked cards are used for poker predictor, with a set of poker predictor products, you will know the best ...
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copag texas holdem peek index barcode cards

Copag Texas Holdem Dual Peek Bar-code Marked Decks

Copag Texas Holdem dual peek playing cards is designed for 2005 and 2006 World Series of Poker. This deck of 100% plastic playing cards features the popular export back design. Each deck of cards contains 54 poker-size cards with dual indexes. We mark the playing cards with barcode at four sides, which could be detected by poker analyzer...
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copag pokerstar luminous marked cards

Copag Pokerstar net magic juice cards

Copag is 100% plastic playing cards. They are poker size with jumbo index. Many marked cards players will reflect that some marked playing cards are very sticky after being processed, that is to say why the processed playing cards is different from the original playing card in touch feeling? The following will has a simple introduc...
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bee magic marked deck

Backside Bee juice cheating playing cards

Bee marked cards with a bee on the back have two color designs, the red deck and blue deck. Some players have reflected that why some playing cards have a good clear effect, some cannot see clearly? The following I will explain this issue for you. Different playing cards have a different effect after being processed. The color of the pla...
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invisible ink marked cards of Copag 4PIP

Copag 4pip infrared ink poker cheat cards juice deck

What is the infrared marked decks of cards? How to see through the infrared marked deck? The principle of infrared marked decks is very simple, it is made of the ordinary deck of cards with special infrared invisible ink. Infrared marked deck of poker cards can provide you a clear effect, it is suitable to be used whether it is the day or night....
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copag 100 years invisible ink marked cards

Copag 100 years markings poker cards

Now there are many people would like to go to the casino to play games. Sometimes you will find that skilled players are always winning, but for the novice, they always lose money. In fact, there are many hidden details that novice did not know. The hidden details includes the magic cards marked deck, in addition to the marked deck, othe...
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fournier 2818 poker with professional luminous markings

Fournier 2818 luminous magic playing cards

Fournier is one of the best poker brand in the world, and also the best marked cards brand in our company.  Have you ever heard playing cards Fournier 2818 marked decks? We have Fournier 2818 marked cards in poker size Jumbo index, also there are colors red and blue for you to choose if you want to buy some of them. Excellent quality and ou...
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fournier 2800 contact lens marked cards

Fournier 2800 professional magic juce cards

Success is not an accidental thing, successful people must have successful material features. You should always know that what you believe will be real and never doubt your instinct. The most terrible two words in the world, one is seriousness, and another is perseverance. Serious people have always been demanding themselves to change, a...
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