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Copag Fall Edition Plastic Playing Cards

Copag Fall Edition poker cards

In 2008, in order to celebrate the 100 years this monumental event, Copag released a limited edition commemorative Four Seasons plastic playing card sets: Copag Spring Edition, Copag Summer Edition, Copag Fall Edition, Copag Winter Edition.  Copag Fall edition playing cards feature one red backed deck and one blue, supplied in a uni...
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Copag 139 Poker Cards

Copag 139 poker playing deck

Copag 139 paper playing cards, made by Brazilian card maker Copag, are a popular South American playing card.  Copag 139 card is of the highest quality plastic coated playing cards. The 139 has a very sharp classic design that would play well in any card game. This deck of cards has blue and red back.  Additional Information...
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copag peek index poker cards

Copag Dual index poker cards

The peek index, also called the dual index, refers to a combination of small indexes on the corners and large indexes on the sides of the cards. Like bifocals, they make it easier to peek at hidden cards and at the same time look at cards that are face up across the table. Made with top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, these 10...
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Copag Bridge Size Export Poker Cards

Copag Export Bridge Size gambling poker

Copag Export bridge playing cards, part of the Copag professional line, produced especially for serious card players who expect the best playability and durability. This is a two deck set, featuring one red and one blue Export deck. These cards are 100% plastic and a resistant to both denting and scratching, so the last as long as possib...
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Copag Export Poker Size Playing Cards

Copag Export Jumbo Index playing cards

Keep your next home game simple with the Copag Export Playing Cards. These cards have a simple woven design on each card back for elegance, and a basic card face for easy viewing. Each card back design goes straight to the edge of the card for less confusion at all your events. This set of 100% Plastic Poker Size Jumbo Index Export COPAG...
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copag jumbo face and regular face poker cards

Copag jumbo face gambling cards

Copag poker playing cards are used worldwide by casinos because of their professional quality, Copag jumbo face and regular face cards are 100% plastic cards, these plastic cards are the best available choice on the poker market. Copag Jumbo face and regular face cards are the 2pip cards, which have red and blue back. These cards...
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fournier poker No.12 playing cards

Fournier No.12 gaming plastic cards

Different people love different things, and different poker lovers love different brands and different models of poker cards, and there may be some love all kinds of poker cards, because they are poker collecting lovers. Fournier No.12 playing cards is also one kind. Fournier not only through the use of high technology and precision equi...
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Fournier WPT gaming cards

Fournier WPT poker jumbo index playing cards

Nowadays many people like watching TV at their free time, and most people love watching entertainment program, including poker events. As the World Poker Tour became a great event, the accessories of the games also became attractive, Fournier WPT playing cards are especially designed for this great game. GS is a producer of poker cards o...
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fournier poker vision cards

Fournier Poker Vision playing deck

Fournier brand is a famous poker brand, it is made in Spain and welcomed by Europe poker lovers, people always play for entertaining themselves, we produce Fournier poker vision playing cards to help to make games more enjoyable. Fournier poker cards are made of Spain, they cards leading Europe casinos and now they are available for home...
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modiano texas holdem playing deck

Modiano Texas Holdem plastic playing cards

Modiano Cards are 100% plastic playing cards made with Modiano proprietary platinum acetate, never low-grade PVC like competing cards.  The Texas Poker has a jumbo index that is ideal for any poker game including that of Texas Poker. This deck is 100% plastic and is poker size 2.5 x 3.5. These cards can handle the wear and tear of n...
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