marked playing cards

invisible Aviator barcode cards

Aviator blue edges barcode cards

A barcode deck exist with their own reasons, with the development of gamble and in poker games, poker cards always needed no matter in bars or in shows. Barcode deck was created originally used for magic cheating, then how to use marked deck in life to make fun of or fool others? Firstly, you should choose a good quality barcode marked d...
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Sensor paper deck of cards in poker card games

Special induction paper poker cards for poker games

Unlike luminous invisible ink marked poker cards or edged barcode marked deck cards, sensor poker is processed with a secret built-in sensor chip inside specially. There is a mini predictor chip inserted skillfully into the paper playing cards, it usually works with specialized poker sensor. For some poker games, the cards may face down,...
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copag plastic 4 corner index cards

Copag 4 Corner Jumbo Index playing cards

A pretty and simple poker card of high quality with jumbo indexes in each of its 4 corners for extra visibility on all tables and in all circumstances. These poker size cards are available with a blue or red back. Copag, the best tournament playing cards in the world, bring you a luxurious Poker Deck, specifically designed with larger ca...
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Copag 4 Colour Deck Poker Cards

4 Color Jumbo Index Copag playing cards

The Copag 4 colour deck cards are 100% plastic cards with index in four corners The poker cards are equipped with card symbols in four colours for extra clarity: black for the spades symbol, red symbol for hearts, a green card symbol for the clubs and a blue diamonds for the map symbol. These four colors Copag playing cards have a unique...
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Copag texas holdem playing cards

Copag Texas Holdem playing deck

Copag Texas Holdem playing cards are 100% plastic cards, the plastic cards can be used for longer time than the paper cards. These cards are poker sized (2.5 x 3.5 inches) playing cards with a classic deep red back design and black design. Each deck is a standard deck with 52 cards, 2 jokers and 1 guarantee card. And every deck of cards is packa...
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Copag 1546 Poker Cards

Copag 1546 casino playing cards

COPAG Plastic cards are the official cards of the WSOP and have a reputation for high quality and long durability. The cards are 100% plastic and They are designed to last up to 100 times longer than a traditional deck of playing cards. Copag cards last longer, shuffle better, and slide across tables in a way that you will never want to play wit...
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copag ept poker cards

Copag EPT poker cards

COPAG Plastic EPT playing cards are made by COPAG to their usual high standards. Copag EPT cards is the official playing cards of European Poker Tour. They are 100% plastic cards, so they are highly resistant to bending and tearing and can even be washed to keep their pristine condition. This deck of cards has red and blue back. Addition...
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Copag PokerStars Poker Cards

Copag PokerStars playing cards deck

The Copag PokerStars poker cards are 100% plastic playing cards. These cards were designed in partnership with They are a poker size card with jumbo index. The back features the logo set in a modern and custom design. Our Copag PokerStars Poker Size Jumbo Index Plastic Playing Cards come in red and black co...
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Copag Summer Edition Playing Cards

Copag Smummer Edition poker cards

In 2008, in order to celebrate the 100 years this monumental event, Copag released a limited edition commemorative Four Seasons plastic playing card sets: Copag Spring Edition, Copag Summer Edition, Copag Fall Edition, Copag Winter Edition. Copag Summer Edition Double Deck comes complete in a tin box. It is poker size with Jumbo index in...
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modiano old trophy playing cards

Modiano Old Trophy plastic poker cards

The Modiano brand is famous for being one of the best 100% plastic playing card manufacturers. These Old Trophy poker sized playing cards with 4 regular sized indexes are no exception. Each deck is individually retail packaged. Modiano old trophy plastic playing cards offer affordable Italian craftsmanship! Beautiful, vivid, crisp design...
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