marked cards contact lenses

KEM Arrow cards with luminous marks

KEM Arrow Bridge Size infrared cheating poker cards

A few words is difficult to tell the story of ten years, but for the way to being a real man, I still have to say that efforts will be transferred into fruitful. If you are in full bloom, the breeze will ensue. If you are using marked cards, the victory will ensue. KEM Arrow marked cards are prioritized choice for you, the bridge size of...
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NTP poker gaming cards with marks

NTP Luminous marking poker cheat cards

In fact, you have no choice in front of things but to be stronger. If you feel tired, you can take a short break, and then go on. You can lose, but you can’t give up. This kind of efforts call struggle. In any occasion we should keep in mind to struggle for ourselves, even in poker games.  Because others just want you to lose,...
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UV marked Copag Summer Edition

Copag Summer Edition Professional invisible cards

What is the omnipotent contact lens? Omnipotent contact lens can see through all kind of back marked cards, including UV marked cards. UV marked cards is made of the original playing cards and UV invisible ink. The omnipotent contact lens and UV contact lens can detect this UV marked cards. The Summer Edition is one of the Copag Four Sea...
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Dal Negro cavallino marked cards

Dal Negro Masenghini Ramoni Cavallino cheating poker cards

Infrared poker cards is actually an ordinary poker cards, of course, this means the outside looking, that is to say, from the appearance of infrared and normal poker, there is no difference, but the infrared poker and ordinary poker have some difference. Dal Negro Masenghini-ramoni cavallino can be marked to be infrared playing cards. In...
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Italy dal negro texas holdem juice marked cards

Dal Negro Texas Holdem with invisible ink markings

Now the back marked cards and perspective poker contact lens is one of the essential magic tools. It also can be said that perspective poker contact lens provide an pair of perspective eyes for magician. All the hidden mystery is very clear in the eyes of magician. When the players wearing this perspective contact lens, all of game is no...
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playing cards kem paisley invisible juice cards

KEM Paisley cheat poker with luminous markings

Lazy is the nature of human beings, so sometimes you have to force yourself, or you will never know how great your potential is. Meanwhile, you should be resourceful enough, and then the chance to realize your dream will be improved greatly. What resourceful mean in poker games? It may means using some tools in the game. Using our KEM Paisley wi...
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Dal Negro Torcello invisible ink poker

Dal Negro Torcello luminous ink cheating cards deck

Dal Negro playing cards are manufactured in Italian. Dal Negro Torcello is a very nice 100% plastic playing cards. They have the number and suits on the four corners. They are thicker and heavier than other 100% plastic playing cards. You can feel it is different from other plastic cards. And its thickness make it a little difficult to riffle wh...
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Dal Negro juice ink marked cards

Dal Negro San Siro infrared cheating playing cards for poker game

Dal Negro is an Italian company. Dal Negro playing cards origins from an Austrian city of Treviso. Dal Negro is one of the leading playing cards companies in Europe which has three hundred years of history. Our Dal Negro San Siro marked cards is processed with the imported playing cards from Italy, is very popular in Europe countries, li...
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fluoroscopy marked cards

Blue light fluoroscopy invisible ink cheating playing cards

Blue light fluoroscopy marked poker cards is produced with imported equipment, offering you a most clear, bright and beautiful perspective effect. Blue fluoroscopy marked poker cards can be marked with small fonts on four corner, so it will be more concealment, and it can be seen through by the blue light invisible ink contact lens and Blue ligh...
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Vegas cheating gaming playing cards for fun

Cheating Vegas luminous juice playing cards

We are professional marked cards pathfinder, we can make invisible marks on all kinds of playing cards, including Vegas plastic playing cards. Vegas plastic playing cards can be found in many market including Wal-mart in many countries, for this brand of playing cards, both regular and jumbo index are available. The graphic on the back o...
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