marked cards contact lenses

PTW marked poker cards with tricks

PTW invisible ink marked decks

PTW playing cards are 100% plastic poker cards, and the size is poker size 2 jumbo index. Black and red backside color for customers to choose. According to the needs of the Italian market, we sell PTW cards to poker players to play games in casino. This brand of cards is very popular in Italian poker market for their excellent quality and price...
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Da Vinci ROUTE marked cards

Marked Da Vinci Route cheating playing cards

Playing poker games sometimes can be considered as a strategic battle, everyone beside the poker table wants to win the game. Actually, knowing how to choose a good deck of playing card is the same important to knowing how to win the game. GS is a playing cards producer, and we have been producing high-quality magic using cards with luminous mar...
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fluorescent marked deck

New type marked poker fluorescent cards

All card games hinge on the fact that a card has two sides, one of which reveals its identity, while the other conceals it. This description is from gaming expert David Parlett. The initial purpose of the two side designs is like David said. But with the developed technology, some people can see through the playing cards when the poker playing c...
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Magic using Piatnik Club Star marked cards

Piatnik Club Star luminous cheating marked deck

When you came across adversities, only by working the ways out to solve them, can you really solve them eventually. When you meet adversity in playing poker, only by searching juiced deck of cards from Golden Sunshine can you get initiative right to take action in the game. Piatnik Club Star marked cards can be that juiced deck of cards to help ...
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Marked playing Piatnik OPTI cards with tricks

Piatnik OPTI four index luminous marked deck

A successful man dare to make great decision when he sees the probability of success, they always got the best chance in life. When in poker game, there are also decisive means for sale in our company, for example, marked cards and contact lenses to see marked playing cards, there are marked cards made by our company of different kinds and Piatn...
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modiano club bridge luminous cards

Modiano Club Bridge juice cheating playing cards marked deck

With the help of the perspective marked cards, the poker games are becoming so simple. The secret of the perspective playing cards only can be revealed by the special invisible ink contact lenses. Using contact lenses is very convenient and easy, you can know all suits and numbers of each playing cards. This is very practical for you in the poke...
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Juice marked deck Copag Neo Nature cards

Marked Copag Nature playing cards for glasses

Copag Neo Nature infrared marked cards for sale are using top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology; these 100% plastic playing cards are manufactured just like the cards featured on televised poker tournaments. Copag Neo Natu...
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modiano marked gamble cards

Modiano Piacentine juice marked deck

There are more and more people like playing poker games, but no every one can always win the game, the winner often belong to the few people. Why these few people can keep winning in the game? Good luck is one of the reasons, but some cheating devices are the main reason. Modiano Piacentine marked cards are one of the cheating devices. We make s...
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Casino Piatnik OPTI blue poker cards

Piatnik OPTI Blue marked deck

Marked cards contact lenses and marked poker deck is the combination that makes chances happened. When playing poker games, those who using marked cards and contact lenses will have more chance to win games, and those never know marked cards will always lose the games. Piatnik brand is made in Austria and OPTI blue deck is one kind of Pi...
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Piatnik Doppelkoph gaming cheating cards

Piatnik Doppelkopf Franz marked playing cards

Everyone likes playing games, games provide us with joy and relaxation, poker games maybe the most popular game all around the world and among the young and the old. When speaking about Playing Cards in Austria or anywhere else in the world, Piatnik Doppelkopf Franz. Bild, No. 182419 playing cards inevitably comes to mind, PIATNIK makes ...
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