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Piatnik Doppeldeutsche Nr.1808 blue luminous cards

Piatnik Doppeldeutsche Blue Nr.1808

Do not envy the success and advantages of others’ in this changing world, there are infinite possibilities within every minute. The only constant thing is that technique will eventually bring miracles.  Miracles in poker games also need techniques. Piatnik Doppeldeutsche Nr.1808 blue marked cards are techniques when using in p...
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Copag Texas Holdem Dual Peek marking poker

Copag Texas Holdem Dual Peek juice deck

How long does a perspective deck be used? The players that have not used perspective marked cards may no idea, even some players did not know perspective marked cards. In fact, perspective marked cards look like the normal playing cards on the appearance, so other will not suspect the cards. The using time of invisible ink marked playing...
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magic modiano super fiori deck

Modiano Super Fiori juice poker cards

Is it useful to use perspective marked cards in the poker game? Perspective marked cards as an advanced technology entertainment product, are developed with the development of science and technology. With the help of perspective marked cards, you can handle the winning and losing in the game, you can win back the money that you lost in t...
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luminous marking Modiano Skat poker

Perspective Modiano Skat infrared cards

Is there really exist the perspective poker playing cards? Here we will introduce you the working principles and types of the perspective poker playing cards. Perspective poker playing cards do not have any difference with original cards on appearance, even the feeling and the quality are same as the original cards. How does perspective cards wo...
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Royal jumbo index marked luminous cards

Royal jumbo index marking playing cards

Royal brand plastic playing cards are very popular use in Mexico and Colombia. It is one of the oldest poker brands around the world. It is washable and durable for its 100% plastic material. So, when it process into invisible ink marked deck, it can use for a longer time. -Color: black and red -Cards size: bridge size -I...
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Perspective cards Masenghini Piacentine

Perspective Masenghini Piacentine juice cards

Dal Negro Masenghini Piacentine playing cards are made in Italy. It can process into new kinds of marked cards: far infrared marked cards, blue light one on one marked cards and green light one on one marked cards. Our perspective marked cards are made of the normal playing cards with invisible material. Masenghini Dal Negro Piacentine m...
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NTP invisible ink marked cards

Luminous Dal Negro Texas Holdem NTP

Perspective marked cards are more simple than other cheating cards, magic marked cards or secret code playing cards. If you using password playing cards, you need to keep the secret code in mind while the perspective marked cards can be seen through after wearing contact lenses. Therefore, when you using perspective marked cards, you do not need...
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Dal Negro Grand Slam marked deck playing cards

Dal Negro Grand Slam magic playing cards

Perspective marked playing cards are different from normal playing cards, which can not recognized by naked eyes, intending for helping players winning the game. As more and more players find out their practical in the game, the demand of perspective marked cards is increasing. Perspective marked cards are our main product of our specializing en...
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Korea gold crown marked cards juice deck

Korea gold crown infrared marking poker cards

Gold crown playing cards are imported from Korea. It's 100 percent plastic poker cards. Its back pattern is suitable to mark with invisible ink, IR ink and x-ray ink. If you want to see through each playing cards, you can use luminous contact lenses and if you want to know about the winner in advance in casino game, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha g...
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Bridge size Class Legacy luminous cards

Class Legacy luminous ink poker cards

The Copag Class Legacy playing cards have elegant design and superior durability. Made with top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, these 100% plastic playing cards are manufactured just like the cards featured on televised poker tournaments. Copag Class Legacy playing deck can perfectly mark with invisible ink. The hidden...
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