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marked cards invisible ink for cards tricks

Ultimate marked deck invisible ink for playing cards

Have you ever heard of or used luminous playing cards invisible ink? If you never heard of marked cards luminous ink, it's time to know about magician marked cards invisible ink. It can be used in many ways. You can use it in magic marked cards and in poker game playing cards. For example, mark some hidden information in back of playing ...
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luminous ink cards walkie-talkie

YT-K1 Walkie-Talkie Poker Cheating Tools for Poker Analyzer

If you use poker scanner analyzer, there must have poker predictor walkie-talkie. YT-K1 is one of these poker spy walkie-talkie. This analyzer interphone is charging with cable. Once it is fully charged, it can use for 10 hours, just as like as the marked cards earpiece. The working distance between the interphone and signal rece...
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perspective cards game table for cards tricks use

Perspective cards tricks table

How to reduce the risk factor when you play cards cheat in casino game? Using normal playing cards instead of marked luminous ink poker cards; using playing cards camera instead of marked cards contact lenses. And perspective casino game table can meet these needs. How does this perspective table work? How does the poker cards camera see...
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Playing cards games remote control vibrator

Playing cards remote control vibrator

This marked decks remote control vibrator is separate from vibrator and operate by controller, it has long distance transmitter and is very practical for poker cards games. This playing cards remote control vibrator is so secret and others are difficult to detect. As there are many vibrator branches connect together, when you want to use...
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Professional ultraviolet luminous set of 28 double six color dots marked dominos

Marked set of 28 double six color dots UV marked dominoes

If you want to have more fun at the game nights or funny parties, GS set of 28 double six color dots ultraviolet dominoes is an excellent choice for you. With sophisticated technology, GS technicians can use specialized ultraviolet invisible ink juice to process these quality double six color dots dominoes in perfect. The markings on the...
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Infrared invisible ink luminous marked double 9 color dots dominoes

Magic white tile double nine color dots infrared marked dominoes

Dominoes games are very popular around the world, and double nine color dots dominoes are especially adaptable to games of four or more players and are very important tools to play Matador, Tiddle-A-Wink and so on. Using special infrared invisible ink recipe, GS technical staff can mark invisible marking on the white backs of these profe...
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UV luminous invisible ink juice dominoes

Magic white double 9 black pips ultraviolet juice dominoes

Dominoes games can be played by two or more people, and set of 55 double nine dominoes is made for four or more players specially. GS marked double nine black dots dominos are excellent tool to help player know the domino games information in advance. Marking white backs of the double nine black dots dominos with professional invisible i...
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Luminous invisible ink double twelve color spots juice dominoes

Luminous back marked double twelve color pips juice dominoes

There are many varieties of domino games, if you want to play some complex games freely, a professional marked back double twelve color dots dominoes is in need. The luminous marked double 12 color-code dots dominoes are processed with professional invisible ink solution by GS sophisticated staff. It is marked very perfect that people ca...
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Back marked double twelve black pip juice dominoes for sale

Luminous double twelve black spots dominoes with ink solution

In different varieties of dominoes, double twelve black dots dominoes are especially adaptable to complicated domino games. Marked back double twelve black dots dominoes have more advantages to help player enjoy domino games. The luminous marked double 12 black-code spots dominoes provided by GS is marked with best invisible ink recipe. ...
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CVK 911 one to one spy playing cards earpiece

CVK 911 playing cards Bluetooth earpiece

CVK 911 one to one spy earpiece is a new arrival called cards earpiece. A set of CVK 911 contains a signal receiver and a spy playing cards earpiece. Compare with other invisible marked cards earpiece, this CVK 911 has 5 advantages. 1. Its frequency is connected with signal receiver. 2. Multi-frequency design. 3. ...
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