gambling cheat devices

customized smart phone to exchange playing cards

Poker cheating tools playing cards exchanger smart phone

Have you ever encountered a situation when you play cards game that you almost have a royal flush. At such a time, do you want to play a magic and get the playing cards you want? When you want to exchange playing cards, smart phone playing cards exchanger is a good choice. This smart phone playing cards exchange tool is suitable for litt...
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GS marked cards invisible ink pen

UV light invisible ink pen poker cheating tools

UV light invisible ink pen can mark playing cards. Some poker players and magician had tried to make invisible ink pen, but the results are not satisfactory. How to get a professional luminous ink pen? GS marked cards juice deck invisible ink pen is a best choice for you. Having ten years experience in marking playing cards with ...
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Remote vibrator juice cards walkie-talkie

Remote vibrator 988 walkie talkie poker cheating tools

Normally, a set of infrared cards walkie talkie are including a walkie talkie, a signal receiver, charging line and a juice cards earpiece. This 988 marked cards interphone has one more replacement, which is remote vibrator. Except for the way getting phone call to hear the game results, remote vibrator is another way. Different shaking ...
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GS Marked Cards 968 walkie talkie

Poker cheating Tools 968 walkie talkie for ultimate marked deck

Compare with other luminous poker walkie talkie, 968 marked cards interphone has a new signal reception way. It can receive signal by form of listening phone call. There is a phone cards set on the signal receiver box. When you call this phone numbers by 968 magic playing cards walkie talkie, it would answer automaticly. It means that yo...
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marked cards earpiece 007

Poker cheating tools 007 one to one marked cards earpiece

007 invisible ink poker earpiece can match every mobile phone scanning analyzer. And it uses Bluetooth to connect with signal receiver. Why call it 007 one to one marked cards spy earpiece? Its secret is that its frequency. When it was made on factory, its frequency has been set. After connect its Bluetooth with the signal receiver, whic...
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x-ray marked cards magnet earpiece

GS magnet earpiece poker cheating tools for infrared poker

Magnet marking playing cards earpiece can match all the invisible ink marked cards analyzer. It no needs using battery or signal receiver. The using secret of this magnet marked cards earpiece is magnetic field. After you put magnet earpiece into your ear, then turn on the electricity necklace, the place around it will generate a magneti...
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Wallet to exchange playing cards

Wallet cards exchanger poker cheating tools for magic trick

We have playing cards exchange wallet on sale. Any of wallet brands can be processed into wallet playing cards exchanger. Inside the wallet, there is a special made secret place to hide the playing cards you want. 3 playing cards can be hidden inside. Once you put the poker cards near the entrance of this secret place, the playing cards ...
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Marked cards printer system

Invisible ink cards marking printer

Many poker players ask about how to mark cards themselves, and they find invisible ink pen kit. But they do not satisfy with the effect, they need something more professional. We tell them we have invisible ink cards marking printer on sale. This invisible ink marked cards printer can mark any kinds of playing cards, paper, plast...
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Paper playing cards sensor for non-marked deck

Magic proximity induction poker cards sensor

The poker sensor is a necessary device for sensor playing cards! It can be installed in various articles, such as wallet poker sensor, watches poker sensor, cell phone poker sensor as well as water lighter, once the cards dealing over, the poker sensor will read the mini sensor chips and report the suits and value of cards for users via ...
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Top quality IR luminous invisible ink double 6 black dots marked dominos

Marked set of 28 double six black pips IR marked dominoes

No matter at game nights or exciting parties, GS double six marked ivory dominoes with black spots are good device to have fun. A set of double six ivory dominoes contains 28 tiles. With sophisticated technology, GS technicians can use specialized infrared invisible ink recipe to process the excellent double six ivory dominoes perfectly....
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