gambling cheat devices

infrared marks cards trick camera

CCTV casino cheating device camera to see invisible cards

Cradle head play a big role in taking picture. It can Control the camera Omni-directional angle to facilitate shooting at different angles. So, to maximize the range of the working distance and read the invisible ink marks, we develop this cradle head IR marked cards camera. This long distance used cradle head IR camera to see marked car...
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IR camera to see hidden marks poker

Emergency lamp IR lens

IR marked cards just has one type of way to cover the marks, and that is printed on the back of the playing cards. So IR marked deck is also called back marked juiced cards. And to see the ultimate marked playing cards, the best position hiding the IR marked cards camera is over the poker desk. And the emergency lamp IR camera is a good choice....
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IR camera for backside marking playing cards

Wall frame photo lamp IR camera

People will decorate their home and shop with wall paintings to make people have the visual enjoyment, and many poker club and private casino as well. People who has desire for something, he will think of many ways to achieve his purpose. And so, we produce the wall painting lamp efficient invisible marks playing cards camera for the casino game...
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infrared camera for marked playing cards

Air conditioning infrared marked cards lens

I think air conditioning is the best cover to hide IR marked cards camera. There is an infrared receiver for its own remote controller, so we can take use of this infrared receiver to install the juiced marked cards spy camera.  The set of air conditioning IR poker camera including a lens, one transmitter, one signal receiver and a ...
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omnipotent IR marked decks lens

Special IR poker omnipotent IR camera

Omnipotent 360 degree infrared camera is more advanced than cradle head juiced marked cards camera. It can read the undetectable IR marked decks while the cradle head juiced marked cards camera is not. If you want to monitor the whole poker room, this 360 degree omnipotent IR camera can meet your need. Because this omnipotent IR marked c...
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wall frame photo IR3 camera

IR3 wall frame painting zoom lens

If you are going to rent a place as your private poker room, then, please read the words below. It would help you more than you think. To say the most important thing first, this three-dimensional wall painting IR zoom lens is used in reading special infrared marked cards. Three-dimensional wall painting is a decoration, to hide ...
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undetectable IR juice cards zoom lens air conditioning camera

Air conditioning zoom lens camera for IR3 poker

What is your initial impression towards air conditioning IR juice cards camera? Is it as normal as other infrared marked deck camera? I can tell you that this air conditioning poker camera is different from other infrared poker camera. It has several advantages that other marked cards camera doesn't have. 1. It has the filter on its shel...
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special ink marking poker wall frame photo camera

Wall frame photo special luminous ink cards lens

If you know about invisible ink marked cards, you will know the difference between normal IR marked decks and special (also called IR3) marks playing cards. And this wall painting poker camera is dedicated for IR3 juiced cards. Although the wall painting is just the outer covering of the undetectable marks playing cards, it is made of sp...
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IR3 infrared poker wall speaker camera

Wall speaker zoom lens IR3 camera

Except for playing music, what can a wall speaker do? After processed by us, the wall speaker can tell you when should raise, all-in and fold. In other words, you surely can win in Texas Holdem and other poker game. What we do to this wall speaker that it can help you win your game?  At first, we use some special material to...
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IR3 marked cards emergency lamp camera

Emergency Lamp Special Infrared Gamble Cheat Filter Camera

Special infrared lens emergency lamp is a kind of poker tricks product. With it you will win the poker game you play because you will know when to call, to raise and to fold in game. This emergency lamp IR poker cards camera is easy to use with. You need to find a suitable place to install the juice cards camera emergency lamp, and anoth...
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