gambling cheat devices

IR cheating poker camera

Sound box infrared playing cards camera gambling cheat devices

Sound box is one kind of music speaker. You can enjoy the music with it, and you can also win the poker battle with it. How you win? If you can see all the playing cards on poker table and the cards on other player hands, you will absolutely win the gambling game. Black is a good protect color for many things. At least for IR cheating ca...
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daylight lamp IR3 marked cards optical camera

Optical special infrared marked cards lens gambling cheat devices

Undetectable infrared marked cards is kind of back marked cards. Only IR3 juice cards camera can read its hidden marks.  And zoom lens daylight lamp camera is designed for this undetectable IR marked playing cards. This optical lens daylight lamp camera is used with ultimate marked deck monitor. When you play game with other...
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wall painting with IR marked cards camera

Wall Frame Painting IR Lens Gambling Cheating Devices for Invisible Cards

3D painting is not only can decorate your room, offering the visual enjoyment, but also can help you win in the poker game. How does it help you win your game? Let me take an example with 3D wall painting. This 3D wall painting can be every painting you like, but there is one thing will not changed that is a IR zoom lens is hidden inside...
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zoom lens IR camera smoke detector for special marked cards

Smoke Detector IR3 Zoom Lens Gambling Cheat Device for Scanning Invisible Cards

To increase the security, many places will install smoke detector. And if you hide an invisible ink playing cards camera inside the detector, no one will find your secret. The newest smoke detector juice cards camera is using zoom lens to read the hidden information on the back of poker cards. The working principle of this optical lens j...
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infrared camera daylight lamp

Casino Cheating Devices Daylight Lamp IR Camera for Gambling

In the impression of most people, the invisible ink marks on the playing cards are made by printer. Because they can see the marked cards printer for sale on the menu bar. But today, we want to give you the new impression of the invisible ink barcode marked cards. This kind of invisible ink barcode marks are made by hand. This kind of ha...
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infrared light camera to see cheating marked cards

Smoke Alarm Infrared Lens Casino Cheating Devices for Gambling Poker

I know that in America, many places will install smoke detectors, such as home, school and some poker club. So, it is ordinary seeing smoke detectors in these places. After testing, we produced the smoke detector IR camera for cards tricks use. How does the smoke detector work? Wireless transmitter issued a wireless alarm signal, notifyi...
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One to one IR playing cards camera

One to One Far IR Camera for Gambling Game

If you want to use IR poker camera to monitor more than one poker table, this long distance one to one infrared poker camera are the best choice. Although invisible ink marked cards are very easy and convenient to use, just wearing the invisible ink contact lenses or sunglasses, you can see through each marking cards, but if others playe...
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marked domino for infrared contact lens

Invisible Markings Domino for UV Contact Lenses Gambling Cheat Device

There are a lot of ways to succeed. Some of these ways are a simple way, some are more complex. Generally people will choose a simple way to achieve their goals. For those who like to play Domino games, tricks luminous Domino and infrared contact lens are the most direct way for you to improve their skills in the shortest time. Luminous ...
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special camera for IR marked deck

Stable infrared camera daylight lamp

IR lens is also called infrared lens, which uses a special optical glass material, and the latest optical design methods to eliminate the visible and infrared light focal plane offset, to let you see the infrared light spectrum which is not visible by the human eyes. IR secret marks playing cards are processed with the principle of infra...
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ceiling lamp IR camera

Ceiling lamp infrared lens casino cheating devices for poker room

All the invisible marks of IR secret juiced cards are hidden on the back. So, if we want to see the covered marks with the IR camera, the position of you hidden the infrared poker camera is needed to be higher than your poker desk. It would be perfect if the camera is set above the poker desk. And this ceiling lamp is good choice for you. ...
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