Copag EPT luminous markings cheating cards

Copag EPT marked cards
Copag EPT marked cards invisible juice EPT cardsCopag EPT marked cards Copag EPT luminous markings cheating cards

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Items:Copag best marked deck

Color:Red / Black
Material:100% Plastic
Size:Poker Size 2.5" X 3.5"
Application:Magic Tricks / Home Playing


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Copag European Poker Tour playing cards is very famous and popular in European. Many marked cards players have reflected that some marked cards is not clear, like blue Copag EPT marked cards. Why some marked playing cards can have a clear effect, some is not clear? 

Here I will explain this question. In fact, this question refer to the color of the playing cards. The marks depends on the color of the poker cards. To choose the small font or big font marks, all these is up to the color of your playing cards. Manufacturers will choose the invisible ink according to the playing cards; color before making marks.

Red playing cards is easier to make, and the effect is very clear. However, blue playing cards is difficult to make for some manufacturers, especially for some low-grade competitive manufacturers, so they are difficult to marks the Copag EPT blue decks well. For our company, we can easily mark well with the Copag EPT blue decks, clear but not exposed, we always improve our technology for provide our customers the best products, that is why our product is so popular with so many regular customers.

If the playing card is the red, orange or other light color, it can be marked with small fonts, if you like, it also can be marked with big fonts, both the small marks and the big marks, the effect is very clear. For the blue deck or other dark color decks, it is better to choose big font. So when you purchasing marked playing cards, I hope the above can help you to choose the best effect marked decks.