casino cheating devices

daylight lamp IR3 marked cards optical camera

Optical special infrared marked cards lens gambling cheat devices

Undetectable infrared marked cards is kind of back marked cards. Only IR3 juice cards camera can read its hidden marks.  And zoom lens daylight lamp camera is designed for this undetectable IR marked playing cards. This optical lens daylight lamp camera is used with ultimate marked deck monitor. When you play game with other...
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undetectable IR juice cards zoom lens air conditioning camera

Air conditioning zoom lens camera for IR3 poker

What is your initial impression towards air conditioning IR juice cards camera? Is it as normal as other infrared marked deck camera? I can tell you that this air conditioning poker camera is different from other infrared poker camera. It has several advantages that other marked cards camera doesn't have. 1. It has the filter on its shel...
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special ink marking poker wall frame photo camera

Wall frame photo special luminous ink cards lens

If you know about invisible ink marked cards, you will know the difference between normal IR marked decks and special (also called IR3) marks playing cards. And this wall painting poker camera is dedicated for IR3 juiced cards. Although the wall painting is just the outer covering of the undetectable marks playing cards, it is made of sp...
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IR3 infrared poker wall speaker camera

Wall speaker zoom lens IR3 camera

Except for playing music, what can a wall speaker do? After processed by us, the wall speaker can tell you when should raise, all-in and fold. In other words, you surely can win in Texas Holdem and other poker game. What we do to this wall speaker that it can help you win your game?  At first, we use some special material to...
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IR3 marked cards emergency lamp camera

Emergency Lamp Special Infrared Gamble Cheat Filter Camera

Special infrared lens emergency lamp is a kind of poker tricks product. With it you will win the poker game you play because you will know when to call, to raise and to fold in game. This emergency lamp IR poker cards camera is easy to use with. You need to find a suitable place to install the juice cards camera emergency lamp, and anoth...
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One to one IR playing cards camera

One to One Far IR Camera for Gambling Game

If you want to use IR poker camera to monitor more than one poker table, this long distance one to one infrared poker camera are the best choice. Although invisible ink marked cards are very easy and convenient to use, just wearing the invisible ink contact lenses or sunglasses, you can see through each marking cards, but if others playe...
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poker scanner analyzer

AKK-k3 poker cheating devices analyzing software

Description: Origin: Made in China Scanning camera: 1 local camera Scanning distance: 20cm-40cm Report Speed: 0.1 s Support Games: Quite a lot Available Games: three Language: English, Chinese, Russian Color: Black Size: 13.7cm*7.1cm*0.7cm AKK K3 poker analyzer is an...
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cvk350 Scanner Poker Analyzer

CVK350 Poker Analyzer for Barcode Cards / Poker Cheating Devices

Description: Color: White; Origin: China; Size: 13.7cm*7.1cm*0.7cm; Built-in Scanner: double; Report Speed: 0.1 second; Support Games: More than 100 kinds. Being different from the early model of CVK analyzers, the CVK350 has a local scanning camera. It can scan the barcode marked cards dir...
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marked cards analyzer of CVK400

CVK 400 poker cheating device / poker odds calculator

CVK is one of the popular poker hand analyzers. CVK 400 contains 3 types of poker games, such as Texas Holdem and Omaha 4.   It's a Samsung-looks mobile analyzer. The built-in spy camera is installed inside the phone. You can receive the analyzer result by general earpiece, one to one Bluetooth earpiece and its original earpiece. Th...
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new poker analyzer of pk king

PK-King 508 Poker Analyzer All-in-one Poker Cheating Devices

PK king is another brand for poker analyzers that is made in China. It is not the most expensive analyzers but it is useful when playing poker games such as Texas Holdem and Omaha. The PK KING 508 scanner analyzer has a local scanning camera. It can scan the marked cards and get the barcode marks directly and then analyze the signal info...
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