Where to buy best marked poker cards

Have you ever used marked cards, do you know how to select the best marked poker cards? To hind the secret of marked cards, the best invisible ink formula is essential. Because different cards have different color and different partners on the backs, if you want to process them, you need to develop different invisible ink recipe to mark them.

1. The best marked cards are processed with the original imported cards, they are same as the one you play in your country. For the professional invisible ink recipe and stringent marked playing cards printer, the processed cards will have no difference from the original one. Even you pick them up and close them to your eyes, the secret is confidential.

2. The best marked playing cards can be use for longer time. Compared with the normal quality marked deck cards, the best marked decks are made with the specialized luminous ink formula, the invisible ink markings made by this magic infrared ink can be lasting longer time and not easy to volatilize.

3. If you want to detect the secret these magic marked cards, a professional invisible ink pen contact lenses for marked playing cards or luminous ink sunglasses that can detect playing cards are necessary. With this magic marked cards detector, you can see the invisible marking which stand for the number or suit of each piece of cards easily.

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