What is card marking?

Marked playing cards are more and more popular, and card marking is used to make marked playing cards. No matter you use barcode marked playing cards or the back marked cards, card marking is very important.
The marked playing cards made with card marking are often used in casino or other kinds of private parties, regardless of who shuffles and deals poker cards. For card marking for back marked cards, big fonts marked on the middle of the backsides are highly recommended, because they are easy for you to read if you wear a pair of marked cards contact lenses. No matter the back is red or blue, we can mark them with good quality card marking ink. And at the same time, you can make the card marking by yourself. If you have special requirement of card marking, we can customize the best one for you.
This magic card marking can be used in various kinds of poker cards and process them as marked cards, like Copag marked deck cards, Bicycle ultimate marked deck, Fournier marked playing cards, marked Moadino cards, Royal marked deck of cards, BEE marked deck, Aviator marked cards and so on.