Watches poker card reader

With modern design, good quality leather and slim watchband, this watch poker cards reader is famous around world. A hidden poker scanner lens was fixed into this classical watch, which is for scanning barcode on marked cards.
What is more, compared this fantastic watch playing cards scanner with the old version, one of the biggest differences of is that the scanning speed of this new one is twice as fast as the old one. It is a short distance poker scanning camera and the scanning range is about 5-cm or 20-40 cm, so it is more suitable for dealer. This watch poker scanner fit for any kinds of poker analyzer system, such as AKK poker analyzers, CVK poker hand analyzer, MDA poker winner predictor, V68 poker odds calculator, PK King poker hand odds calculator and etc.
Last but not least, the battery can be used as long as 4 hours, and the battery can be changed expediently.