Various kinds of marked cards kits for sale

Maybe many people will think that it is very hard to be a regular winner in poker games, however, with the help of the magic marked cards kit device, it is very easy to do that.
There are various kinds of poker cheating device for your choice:
1. Marked cards. There are barcode marked cards as well as back magic marked decks. All of them have secret invisible ink markings while they are invisible for people naked eyes.
2. Marked cards lenses. It includes invisible ink pen contact lenses and marked cards sunglasses that can see invisible ink. This magic marked cards lenses are for seeing luminous ink markings on the backs of back marked cards.
3. Playing cards scanning camera. This magic marked cards kit is for scanning invisible barcode on the edges of edged marked decks. It will send the information to poker analyzer for analyzing the poker games result.
4. Poker analyzer. It is a powerful poker outcomes calculator. Once receiving the barcode information from poker scanning camera, it will calculate the result automatically and will reporting the accurate outcome to user via mini earpiece.
What is more, we also have magic loaded dice, invisible ink pen, best invisible ink, marked dominoes as well as other marked cards kit. If you are interested in them, contact us!