Various cell phone poker card scanners

Cell phone poker scanner is the most popular poker cheating device in the market. You could see the Samsung cell phone poker scanners, Nokia cell phone poker scanners, phone poker scanners and so on.
There are so many poker scanning cameras in market, and cell phone poker card scanner is the hot sale one. There are cell phone poker card scanner for barcode marked deck cards and mobile phone playing cards scanner for normal playing cards.
The cell phone poker card scanner for marked cards are inserted with a HD and HS poker camera lens inside, which can read the invisible ink barcode marks on the edges of barcode marked playing cards quickly and clearly. After scanning the barcode deck cards, it will transmit the information to poker hand analyzer for analyzing. Quickly, you can receive the poker game outcome or value and suits of each piece of playing cards one by one via the mini Bluetooth earpiece. There are Iphone poker scanner, Nokia playing cards scanner, Samsung poker card scanner, Blackberry playing cards scanning camera and so on for sale.
The scanning range of this cell phone can vary a lot - from 10 - 20cm to 55 - 80cm, if you have special requirement of the scanning distance, please let us know and we will customize it for you.