How invisible ink works

Infrared Contacts have different purposes, you can use them at poker game, and you can also use them at magic show. They are extremely hard to find. This article will help you know about infrared contact lens through how the contacts are created, safety protocol and risks, and the different uses of the infrared contact lenses.

Infrared lenses are created using a press machine to embody the red filter. The contacts are basic average 13 mm contact lenses (the basis for any colored contact or Halloween fun contact). The red filter is a safe plastic filter that when you look through it, you see purple/red vision mimicking UV vision, helping you to see wavelengths that you normally cannot see. This is how invisible ink works. The markings are invisible and you can't see them with human eyes. But when you wear the infrared contacts, the invisible markings will appear. And there also one thing you need to know is that, the clearer markings you can see, the things around you are more blurred.

No matter what kinds of contact lens you wear, you must follow safety protocol to avoid any risk and infection. Consumers must clean before and after each use gently using contact solution and storing in a contact approved case. The biggest difference is that infrared contact lenses are remaining with pure water, not care solution. The average time the consumer should wear the contacts is 0-8 hours at each time you wear. So if you are going to be a magician and wear these contact lenses, remember to only make your performance 8 hours maximum. This prevents protein build up and lack of oxygen to the eye.

Most people believed that infrared contact lenses are created or invented for magicians, and spreads all the way to the fun/entertainment field. The cards just have to be marked with invisible ink and now the magician can read every card without looking at the face of the card. Because the audiences do not know the techniques and strategies in poker marked cards world and they will have confuse of how does he do that! Nowadays, another use for these contacts is entertainment/fun. You can read the hidden information on Domino, Mahjong and Texas Holdem, Omaha game.