Ultimate UV marked cards contact lenses

As a professional marked cards kit supplier, we can provide all kinds of poker cheating devices. For example, this ultimate UV marked cards contact lenses are one of the hot sale products.
UV marked cards contact lenses are for reading back marked playing cards. The using methods of UV invisible ink pen contact lenses are the same with IR contact lenses for playing cards. After you wearing theses luminous ink contact lenses that can see through playing cards, you can see the invisible ink markings on the backsides of juice marked decks clearly. At last, you can know the poker point and suit of each piece of poker card. These ultraviolet marked poker cards can be used in Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack as well as other playing card games.
UV contact lenses for playing cards can be worked with various kinds of back marked cards. The user can see invisible ink marks directly. What is more, they will not change the color of your eyes, it is very safe and convenient to use.