Ultimate Italian marked deck for sale

Do you know how to mark playing cards? What is the best way to mark cards?

Many people like using the invisible ink pen to mark cards by themselves, but usually cannot get the perfect effectiveness. That is because of marking playing cards manually is very difficult. To process the best marked deck of cards, GS, a professional marked cards company in China, usually mark the imported original playing cards with the stringent marked cards printer machine set by the experienced technicians. The marked playing cards made by this way are much professional than others marked poker cards in market.

1. From the exterior design, the finished Italian marked cards decks have no difference from the original one and no one can find their secret by naked eyes instead of out luminous ink contact lenses for playing cards or IR sunglasses that can detect invisible ink.

2. The cards can be processed as barcode magic marked deck for poker hand analyzer or luminous marked cards for invisible ink contact lenses.

3. No matter what kind of Italian playing cards, we can process them perfectly and will not sticky to one another, when you play, the hand feel is same as the original one.

When you use these magic Italian marked cards poker in game or magic, you just need to play as usual, that the magic marked cards detector will help you to get the information you want.