Trick Playing Cards With Glasses

Many people will have question that are there any sunglasses (of course the special glasses) that can see invisible ink? There are many kinds of polarizing material and polarizing sunglasses for sale and as a green hand that has great concern about if these sunglasses are true or fake that's all. Here, I can guarantee, it is true!

Some people like writing secret stuff with the invisible ink and some people want to use it to make trick playing cards by writing on the backs of playing cards (normally, the former can be done easier than the later). No matter which one you want to do, the writing or markings are invisible to the naked eyes and you need the special luminous ink glasses to detect them.

Invisible Ink Glasses Poker

The invisible ink are made for only absorbing a very narrow band (color range or light spectrum) of light, after writing with it, the trace is barely noticeable and only with the special narrowband, invisible ink glasses that can reveal the ink. Many poker players like using this magic luminous ink to mark markings on the backs of poker cards to make them getting edges on poker games, these poker cards, also called marked cards, invisible ink glasses poker. Usually, the printouts are big font or four small fonts on the back of playing cards.

Invisible Ink Clear Glasses

The invisible ink clear glasses, which are made with the narrowband infra-red filter and the fairy design glasses frames. If just judge the invisible ink clear glasses from the exterior design and the color of the lenses of these invisible ink glasses, the secret is barely noticeable.

That is why the high quality marked cards is invisible to people naked eyes in most of various angles and need to use the luminous ink glasses to see it. The trick playing cards and invisible ink glasses set can be used under different conditions. With them, you could play poker games with making things that difficult to be detected under fluorescent (5 narrow spectral bands) from tungsten or sunlight (broadband emitters).