Tips For How To Wear Infrared Contact Lenses

When comes to luminous ink reader, the infrared contact lenses are on top of our mind. They are safe and powerful in poker games. If you are players, they can help you to know the cards of your opponents easily and secretly. If you are the game room owner, you can use these perspective contact lenses to see invisible ink to surveille the poker game participates.

Infrared Contact Lenses For Sale

But when you using these infrared contact lenses, they are some tips you need to pay attention to to protect your eyes from disease, infection as well as other complications.

1. Keep you fingernails short and clear your hand thoroughly before using the infrared contact lenses everytime.

2. Put on or take off the infrared contact lens above the clear and flat table surface in case falling them to the ground.

3. Before wearing, check whether there is any break, dirt or sediment of the lens. If it is damage, it cannot be used. If there is dirt or sediment, wear it after cleansing and rinsing.

4. Identify the front side and opposite side of the lens, wear it with the front face up. The round-shape is the front side and the edge of lens wraps out is the opposite side.

The Front Side And Opposite Side Of The Contacts

5. When wear the infrared contact lenses, do not drop eyedrops (unless it is special eyedrops for contact lenses), otherwise, the composition of the syrup is adsorbed by the lens, which not only makes the rim of lens becomes hard, but also the high concentration of the liquid component that stays in the lens will damage the ocular tissue.

6. If the infrared contact lens is not used for long time, immerse it in pure water, storage in ambient temperature, replace the pure water per week. When you wear it again, clean and rinse and disinfect it.

7. For a lady who prepare to make-up, wear infrared contact lenses before make-up and remove them before taking off make-up.

8. The use of tweezers and sticks and other auxiliary tools is not recommended because tweezers can easily damage the lenses if they are not wrapped in pointed tips. The wrappage of tweezers and stick are easily contaminated with bacteria and become a good medium for bacteria to contaminate the lenses and cause eye irritation. Try not to touch the lens with a small stick or a tweezer, so as to avoid hidden damage caused by excessive force.

9. If the eye has secretions, friction or conjunctival hyperemia, or even a white spot on the cornea, never wear it barely and shall go to the hospital immediately.

10. Shall not share the contact lens with others.

11. Review the eyes oftenly, the review cycle shall not exceed half a year.

12. Shall not wear the infrared contact lens when asleep.

Wear contacts instruction:

1. After cleaning your hands, place the contact lens on the tip of your index finger. Note that the eyes are facing forward.

2. Use your middle finger to pull the upper and lower eyelids apart.

3. Attach the infrared contact lens to the cornea. Then remove the index finger and look down again to attach the contacts on the eyes.

4. Slowly relax your eyelids with your middle fingers.

Remove contact lens instruction:

After cleaning your hands, eyes, look at the mirror, with the left index finger and right middle finger to open the upper and lower eyelids, right thumb and index finger gently press the lower edge of the contacts on both sides of the lens to make it arched, then slowly remove it.