Three poker card cheating devices for poker games

As a leading marked cards kit supplier, we have various kinds of poker card cheating device for poker games. That are infrared marked cards sunglasses and back marked deck, invisible ink contact lenses for marked playing cards and poker hand odds calculator for barcode marked decks.

With the IR perspective sunglasses, you can see the invisible ink markings on the backs of back marked deck cards to know the point and suit of each piece of marked playing cards before the card are dealt.

The second luminous ink contact lenses for marked cards can help you to see the luminous ink marking of the luminous marked poker cards clearly and others around you cannot find any secret of them. Because these magic marked cards contact lenses will not change your eyes color.

The last one is poker hand analyzer and barcode marked cards, there are invisible ink barcode image was printed on the side of each piece of cards, once the poker camera of the poker analyzer scan the barcode and send the date to poker winner predictor, the poker hand odds calculator will analyze the cards effectively.

All of these magic marked cards set can be used in various kinds of poker card games, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat, Blackjack and so on.