The Price Of Blacklight Marked Playing Cards

The blacklight marked cards are made of advanced blacklight invisible ink formula, processed by the sophisticated card making laser printer, the marks on their backs with high security while very clear under the detection of UV luminous ink contact lenses and invisible poker sunglasses. Some people prefer to buy the invisible ink or invisible ink pen to mark cards at home by themselves, but the effect is not ideal, the tools and technique is the key.

Blacklight Marked Cards Characteristic

  • Professional quality
  • High Privacy

The way of how to mark balcklight marked cards seems very easy, just need a deck of playing cards and the professional invisible ink juice. However, the perfect blacklight magic marked cards requied high processing skill, that is why we do not recommend user to buy the ink to mark cards at home.

Special Point Of Blacklight Luminous Marked Cards

The blacklight luminous ink marked cards are different from security code ultimate marked cards. Take the iltimate Bicycle marked deck and blacklight ink marked bicycle cards as an example, please see below 2 picture for your reference:

The Code Marked Deck Bicycle

Bicycle Marked Cards With Black Light Ink

The security code Bicycle marked deck can be recognized by the naked eyes, however, the blacklight marked Bicycle playing cards only visible in special condictions, such as the detection of invisible ink contact lenses and invisible pen glasses.

How To Read Marked Cards With Blacklight Ink

The blacklight ink marked deck cards have concealable marks on backs, but if you see them with the unaided eye, nothing you can find! Only wearing the infrared contact lenses or luminos ink UV sunglasses, you can see the ink and know the number and suits of each piece of cards. As we know, there are 4 suits in a deck of cards, if you are the first time to use this blacklight ink marked poker cards, just comapred them with the normal poker cards, then you can know them.

Marked Bicycle Playing Cards With Blacklight Ink

The Price Of Blacklight Marked Deck Poker

For different types and brands of playing cards, the processed blacklight ink marked deck poker are diverse, there are high price and low price, but for real blacklight invisible ink juice playing cards, the price is range from $50 to $90 each. Of course, for the normal quality, the price may be low to $35 per deck.

Durable In Use

Compared with the whitelight ink marked deck, the blacklight luminous marked playing cards can be used for a longer time. As we know, when we using the poker cards, no matter during dealing or shuffling, the cards will cause friction, this will cause damage to the marks on the back of the card. If you use the cards all the times, the whiteligh marked deck usually be used not over 6 hours and you need to change a new deck; however, the balcklight juiced deck of cards can be used over 48 hours, if be stored properly, the marks can retain for 6 months.

The color and pattern may affect the degree of clearness in a certain way, the most ideal type is red playing cards.