The Code Marked Deck

When in the poker game, the playing cards need to be shuffled and licensed to every player. As we know, different cards have different special texture and hand feel. Most of the poker cards can provide the good control for professional poker players as well as beginners. Here, the processed barcode marked cards we provide keeping the smooth surface and original material of the cards, you can control them very easily at the poker table. When you use these special barcode marked deck, you no need to worry about the licensing issues.

The barcode marked playing cards usually need to be worked with the poker analyzer and poker scanner camera, they will be scanned by the poker camera, then the poker hand analyzer will analysis the results, such as who will be the best winner, the second winner, even the ranking of all the poker players. The invisible ink barcode will not show after playing and you can use it more than 1 month.

Marked Decks

We imported various playing cards, the Italy Modiano series, the Brazil and Belgium Copag series, the Spanish Fournier series, the USA BEE, Bicycle, Aviator series, Taiwan Royal and Marion series and misc. Different from the marked cards for contact lenses, all poker cards can be processed as the barcode juiced deck and will not affect their original shuffle and licensing experience.

Our colleagues will open and re-pack the cards skillfully that after processing, their package will look same as the original new one.

Can be used in:

Magic show of marked playing cards

Night party entertainment

Casino games

Private poker card games

Club cards games

If it is OK, poker match and World Poker Tour also can work