Texas Holdem scanner system for tricking

Most people like using infrared contact lenses or ultimate UV sunglasses for cheating in Texas Holdem game, but now, here, a most intelligent device, poker hand analyzer, can be more easily and convenient to operate and can predict the Texas Holdem game result directly to users in secret.

Texas Holdem cheating software should work with barcode marked cards and poker scanner camera. There are so many kinds of poker scanning cameras for your choice, the poker table scanner camera, the phone playing cards scanning camera, the power bank poker predictor scanner, the button marked cards scanner and so on. After they scanning the invisible ink barcode on the edges of each piece of cards, they will pass the signal to poker hand analyzer system for calculating the accurately poker game result. It is very useful and reliable cheating tools in the gambling. Of course, the poker hand out calculator system also have a built-in poker camera scanner lens inside for scanning barcode marked deck cards, but its scanning range usually is 20cm - 40cm, so can be 20cm - 80cm.

When playing the Texas Holdem game, you can use this magic Texas Holdem cheating software to set or change the number of players by a mini remote control. Having this poker cheating software, you can know which hand will be the first winner, second winner, the rank of all poker hands as well as the number and suit of the common cards or the cards other players hold.