Suitable IR contact lenses for back marked cards

Have you ever used them before? IR contact lenses with back marked cards are good partners. They could be used to cheat at different poker games.

If you want to choose a pair of suitable infrared back marked cards contact lenses, you should consult the seller at first. There are blue-eyes marked cards contact lenses, green-eyes infrared contact lenses, grey-eyes IR contact lenses, brown-eyes IR contact lenses, black-eyes IR contact lenses, 4mm infrared contact lenses, 6mm marked deck contact lenses, 8mm juice cards contact lenses, 9mm IR contact lenses and 13mm IR contact lenses.

IR contact lenses can read luminous ink marks on Bee back marked cards, Copag marked poker cards, Fournier invisible ink playing cards, KEM back marked cards, Bicycle infrared ink marked deck, Modiano back marked cards and other marked cards.